Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Another Film and an Alice in Wonderland Sarnie

I decided to go to the cinema again today, another £3 for a ticket including tea (my choice for today) and 2 biscuits, you can actually help yourself to as many biscuits as you want but I'm not greedy, 2 are enough although you would think that some people are starving judging by the hand full they each put into their bags and pockets :? Anyway, I watched the film Carol, set in the 1950's.  It was adapted from the Patricia Highsmith book 'The Price of Salt' and starred Cate Blanchett.  It's not a film I would have paid full price to see but I'm glad I went today.  After the film I ventured into the out-of-town shopping centre mall in search of some lunch and spotted this in Boots.  It had a 50p price ticket and urged "Eat me quick" ....so I did. I don't have to be asked twice!!  :)

Has anyone else tried this Silver Cinema thing yet?
On arrival back home I had 3 bills on the mat;  LPG £132.29, Rates, water & sewerage £513 and electricity £361.59 Crikey! Over £1,000 in one fell swoop.  The electricity is for 6 months usage, slightly less than this time last year so we have managed to cut down a bit. The bill for rates etc is for 12 months and the LPG should last 6 weeks.  It's such an expensive time of year with all that and insurances too, I'm so glad we budget all year round for these things or I would be panicking.
That's all for now, I'm afraid, I need to search the freezer for something for tea.  OH fancies curry & rice and I'm sure I have a few frozen prawns stashed away for him and some quorn for me.  There's a jar of curry sauce in the cupboard too, 84p from Mr M, so I'll take a quarter of the jar for the prawns to cook in and use three quarters to make quorn curry then freeze enough of that for two portions next week. 
Thanks everso for popping in x

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