Sunday, 18 April 2021

Testing, Testing!

Now that we are edging towards a little normality at last, I thought it sensible to take up the offer of the free government lateral flow test kits for Covid-19.  We intend to see as much of DD and the grandchildren as we are allowed and are desperate to keep them safe.  I ordered the kits online and they arrived in the post within 24 hours.  To be fair, the first one was a bit of a faff but the second one (done this morning) was a bit easier now that I know what I'm supposed to be doing.  The instruction booklet is quite clear and easy to understand.......

Thankfully,  one line indicates it's a negative result so we are going over to see them this afternoon to enjoy a barbecue in the garden 😎

Have you tried one of these tests yet?  How did you manage?

On Friday our daughter, who is 46, received her Covid jab.  The same night she developed a headache, aches and pains, chills, fever and nausea which made absolutely sure that she had very little sleep at all 😨  Yesterday saw her feeling very under the weather but I've spoken to her this morning and she is starting to feel better.  She cat napped on Saturday afternoon and slept better last night.  Her headache has virtually gone too.  She was given the Astra Zeneca vaccine and I think she has been unlucky to feel so rotten but, apparently, younger people feel the effects more.  It's something to do with a better immune system response.  I really hope she continues to feel better as today progresses.  Son-in Law is cooking on the barbie and we are having salad with it so she can sit back and relax.  I'm taking some cup cakes for afters too.  Fingers crossed that the sun stays out! 

My current book from the library is this one...

I think someone on here reviewed it (possibly Sue from A Smaller and Simpler Life?) and I'm finding it very interesting.  I do, however, find it a bit hard to understand how a Vegan can suddenly decide to kill and eat animals and fish; one one occasion eat raw fish 👀 I suppose hunger makes you do things you wouldn't normally dream of doing.  The use of technology is absolutely everywhere in our daily lives and I know I would struggle to do without much of it.  I could probably manage without the internet at a push but without a mobile phone to contact DD? without gas or electricity for heat and cooking? without mains water? A composting toilet doesn't appeal either!

What would you be most hard pressed to do without?

Anyway, that's all for now folks.  Stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. I had the same vaccine as your Daughter and had the same side effects. I have my second dose on the 24th May which I am dreading but will be prepared and dose up on paracetamol before and after. The trouble is it has to be done if we want to get back any semblance of normal life. Enjoy your family time.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that you suffered too. You are right that we need to do this to get back to normality though. It's been too tough for too long. Stay well x

  2. I'm not sure why people are suffering so much from this jab when everyone got their flu jab each year without any problems, obviously more potent.
    I like the look of that book, I think I'll try the library.

  3. I had the AstraZeneca and was fine, yes I'm older. Apparently if youve had covid the side effects with almost all the vaccines is bad. I couldn't be without wifi or my mobile. If water, electricity and got water was rationed, I'd survive!

  4. I hope your daughter is feeling better, after those side affects from the vaccine. That book looks very interesting. I would have trouble without Internet. I can see why the author began eating meat and fish. I think he was probably experiencing a different level of hunger.

    1. Yes, Stephenie, I think it comes down to desperation and pure survival instinct.

  5. I had pretty much the same reaction as your daughter...minus the nausea. Glad she is feeling better.

    I think that I would struggle as well without technology.

    God bless.

  6. Clean tap water and mains drains please. I don't know how people get on when flooded etc. I've had too many septic tanks to return to that system now.

  7. Yes, I read that book last year or the year before, it is really good, I struggled too when he reverted to eating animals and fishing, I know I couldn't ... but he does say it's better to do what you have to survive and if you have to kill to make the best possible use of what you have caught.


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