Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Second Jab Day

 Yesterday dawned bright and sunny, and saw us queuing in the sunshine to get our second Pfizer vaccination. 20 minutes later we were back in the car and tootling off to the local park to meet our daughter for a good walk and a coffee. I'm still struggling with hip and back pain so the walk was shorter and less vigorous than I would have liked but the sun and fresh air were so good. DD has now more or less recovered from the reaction to her first jab, apart from sudden bouts of tiredness and a bit of a sore arm still. During the night I found that rolling onto my left arm was painful and woke me up. This morning I have a bit of redness and a lump where the needle went in but nothing really to complain about.

 I've had my first foray into a couple of charity shops! The shelves were unusually empty but I did find a book for £1

I read two of her other books set in Greece ages ago so I'm hoping this one will be good too. 

Today is much cooler and a bit wet. Both the garden and the allotment will benefit from the rain as its been a really dry month so far. The food shopping is being delivered this afternoon so it will be a day of pottering, I think.

Enjoy your day too, and stay safe wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. No rain in Essex and the sun is glorious but that cold wind is back making it feel much cooler. It was so warm yesterday. Glad your second jab went ok. I have mine next month.

  2. I've just had my 2nd jab, I'm hoping I am OK, I had a sore arm last time.

  3. no rain here another sunny day, I've also had my 2nd jab and glad yours has gone ok. I managed to grab 2 books from a charity shop last week, there wasn't much there though.

  4. Waiting for my second Pfizer jab. I haven’t done a charity shop yet. I need some fresh reading material. Hope the hip and back pain subsides soon.

  5. I had my 2nd Pfizer jab about 3wks ago and I've been really tired ever since! Got on fine with the 1st jab. Tiredness is alien to me - I'm usually the opposite and have trouble sleeping.

    1. The first Jab AZ made me very tired... exhausted in fact which is so totally unlike me. I'm hoping the second doesn't do that.

    2. 48hrs on and my arm is red and sore but tiredness has hit me hard this time. G feels really exhausted but says he couldn't sleep a wink last night. I hope it passes soon!

  6. I hope the hip and back pain settles down. Maybe a nice warm hot water bottle on the aching bits would help.

  7. Good for you on getting your second jab.

    Hope your pain goes away very soon.

    God bless.