Sunday, 21 July 2019

National Give Something Away Day

Thanks to all of you who left lovely comments on my last post.  Your good luck messages and encouraging comments cheered us on immensely.  There is no doubt at all that we will be sad to leave here but we must look upon the move as a new adventure.  We have been invited to a 'meet the neighbours' meeting at the sales office on Friday next, with bubbly and nibbles provided :)  It will be our first chance to see what kind of age group we are moving next to.  What's the betting we will be the oldest couple there!

How come I didn't realise that the 15th July was National Give Something Away Day? Huh?

It was the day that G had managed to get a cancellation at the hospital and he was admitted as a day case for 7 more injections in his neck to treat the Dystonia.  This round of injections hasn't made any difference to the head movement either but we are hoping they will help with the pain......
Anyway, without realising it, I was doing the 'Give Something Away' thing anyway.  To take G's mind off the neck stiffness caused by the injections, I drove him to the allotment after collecting him from the hospital.  We drank in the peace and quiet and I pulled up some more beetroot and lettuce which I shared with some of our neighbours later.  One neighbour is just out of hospital himself after falling from a stepladder and breaking his arm and collar bone, but that's another long story....

I am in the process of selling or donating lots of my beloved books as we will have no room for a bookcase in the new house .  Over the last couple of weeks I have sent 3 boxes of them to Music Magpie and 2 boxes to Ziffit, (what one company doesn't take the other one does) The amounts paid for each book are tiny but I now have £50 to add to the kitty for the move. 

The bookcase was full to overflowing.  Here it is now.
The books to the left on the bottom shelf belong to G: his gardening books, which he wants to keep. The ones to the right of the middle shelf are my beloved Jenny Colgan ones which are worth next to nothing in resale value (not even the new hardback ones) but they will have to go.  I rarely read a book twice anyway.  To the left of that same shelf is my school Hymn book and my small black Bible which my Sister bought me for my birthday when I was 9 or 10 years old.  I can't bear to part with either of those two.  The CD's are the ones I play regularly and intend to keep, all others have been sold or donated to charity......

I am still trying to turn stash into cash too because I will need to reduce my craft items to one, yes ONE (a look of horror on my face) under bed storage box.  It will be a struggle but I will do it.  I still have a stall booked for 4 more Craft Fairs, the last being in November and I am selling ready made toppers on eBay too. 
This tower was stuffed to bursting a couple of months ago but is slowly emptying......

Stay tuned for an update folks!

Thanks so much for popping in and stay safe wherever you are in the world x


  1. Well it certainly sounds like you are completely organised. Well done onthe cash from the books etc. You'll become that new house....all sorted before you know it

    1. Thank you, I know I have to be quite ruthless in keeping only the important stuff otherwise the new home will be stuffed and look even smaller than it is!

  2. Good luck with it all, well done on the book sales.x

  3. Thank you Frugal, it was quite painful to part with some of the books but I have to remind myself it's only'stuff' and that we are embarking on the next stage in our lives x

  4. Hope the meeting with your new neighbours went well. What a great job you are doing with the books and even better getting some money back ready for your move. Hope all goes well.

  5. Well done on the book sales, it all adds up doesn't it. We are busy car booting our excesses all through the Summer months ready for a massive downscale.