Sunday, 24 June 2018

Scan trauma & stuff...

Thank you all for the replies and wonderful suggestions on my last post regarding plastic pollution.  I'm afraid I no longer get email notification from Blogger when someone responds to a post so I don't get chance to read them in a timely fashion, but they are all very much appreciated.

The last couple of weeks have sped by in a blur.  My poor hubby is now suffering with a neck problem.  After a whole year of dental problems (now resolved) he has a spinal problem.  Physio hasn't helped and I took him for an MRI scan yesterday.  He came out looking pale and in pain.  The problem he has is that his head keeps turning to the left of it's own volition and he has developed a slight head tremor too.  He explained this to the chap at the Hospital so, to ensure a good scan, they placed a pillow under his lower spine to make sure his head connected with the table and supported his head as best they could.  The scan lasted just 10 minutes but hubby was in so much pain trying to control his head movements that he almost pressed the alarm button to stop the scan.  He was just about to press when the nurse told him that a few seconds remained so he gritted his teeth and remained there.  He has been in pain today too although he went off to work as normal to try and take his mind off the pain.  I do so hope that the scan shows the problem and something can be done for him.  He has been slowly getting worse over the last 6 months and the future looks bleak at the moment.  He is so restless because he can't sit to read or watch much TV and it's making me feel restless too...….

Whilst he was at work I have been tidying, de-junking and cleaning.  I also had an hour crafting this afternoon...bliss!  Stuff has been listed on eBay so I might have some more cash to add to my challenge fund.  I have a bid on one item already...yay!  I can't find any other local venues for craft fairs so I'll have to persist with the current one until the end of the year unless something changes. 

It has been announced that there is a shortage of CO2 at the moment.  This affects fizzy drinks and the meat packaging industry.  Well I learn something every day.  It won't affect me very much but OH does like a beer and with the World Cup in full swing a lot of people could potentially be a bit miffed.  Has it affected you at all?  Any shortages where you shop?

It has been a wonderfully warm sunny day today and a heat wave is forecast so yesterday I bought a 4.5tog duvet in preparation.  I used my Nectar points to reduce the cost from £15 to £10 so I AM READY! :)  What's it like by you?  What on earth do you find to eat when it's really hot?  My appetite disappears off the face of the earth.  All I crave then is ice lollies.  Help!

Take care everyone and thanks so much for popping in x


  1. Oh how horrible for your poor hubby. I really hope he gets some answers and soon. I will send him healing thoughts.

    Not noticed any fizzy drink shortages yet here.

    Weather is stifling here. It's been 26.5C almost since we got up this morning.
    I'm afraid it's salad all the way for us when it's hot. That bit is easy but then it's ringing the changes with things to go with it. Lots of chicken in various forms, cold meats, a quiche if I can bear to have the oven on. Today though we are just having some crusty bread with pate and some fruit.

  2. The heat has closed my oven. Neither of us is hungry so it may be noting but some fruit salad that I made earlier.

  3. I have a 4.5 tog duvet on my bed from April to October. I hate being hot in bed.

  4. Of all the daft fixes Mr BH has used , he found that a cylinder shaped beanie cushion helps him when seated on the sofa he stuffs if against the side his head wanders to. Just an idea , hes used one of those travel neck cushions in a funny position to put his head against as well . Hes fortunate that its not all the time , but much worse in an evening .

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, Kate, it helps to know that he is not alone in having this weird problem with his head movement. He says it feels worse in the evening too. Thank you x


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