Friday, 3 November 2017

Slow Cooker Bread Test

Marlene, from Simple Living blog mentioned having made bread in the slow cooker.  As my normal efforts are pretty dire I thought I would have a go.  I used 500g flour and for the first 5 minutes kneaded the dough in the big mixer.  A further 5 minutes by hand, then popped in the slow cooker lined with baking parchment (and on the high setting).....

After 45 minutes it had risen dramatically....

After 2 hours it looked like this...

I turned it over as the base was getting crisp and I wanted to brown the top a bit. A further 20 minutes and it was ready....
It was surprisingly tasty with soup, a bit crumbly but delicious and it made lovely toast served with a bit of real butter the next day.  Not a bit was wasted so I'll definitely try it again, maybe made with oil instead of butter and with a little bit less sugar.

Whilst the bread was cooking I found a ready rolled sheet of puff pastry which needed using up so I made pizza slice with a base of chilli tomato puree, onion, green pepper, tomatoes, feta and a sprinkling of reduced herbs. This was my half .....

The remainder of the pastry made f''Eccles cakes (fake Eccles :) for OH's munchy attacks....

Have a lovely day everyone x


  1. Glad it worked for you, we use our bread maker, just a bit lazy, but whilst we have it we will use it, but handy to know we can use our slow cooker as well.

  2. I was gifted a bread maker, and it has proved to be a very good one, but I think that I will try this out as a first reserve.

  3. Glad it worked Angie, and you can tweek it to your liking, I made another one last night to go with our pumpkin soup and I used olive oil. I love eccles cakes and puff pastry pizza, I have some puff pastry in the freezer so I might make some soon. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. I really should try this method of making bread, it seems very straightforward. Your pizza looks delicious. X

  5. That all looks incredibly tasty.
    Marlene has some really good ideas doesn't she and I am definitely going to try slow cooker bread.

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