Saturday, 13 February 2016

On Cats and Stash Busting

It's almost half way through the month already and half way through my cat sitting duty.  As well as Puss, my neighbour's cat, another cat has again muscled in and is demanding to be fed each day.  To be honest, I think my neighbour has encouraged this second cat (which is a friendly soul albeit huge) and it must be costing her a fortune in cat food as she insists on providing both pouches and dry food at each meal for both cats.  She has more cat food in her cupboard than food for herself. This is Puss....

I'm also tortoise sitting again.  He is fairly easy to look after as he is the fridge!...I just have to let in air each day into his box and check that he is still asleep yet moves if I tickle his

Sorry I have to dash this morning but I have a card order for my friend's shop, quite a large one and so I must get my design 'thinking cap' on.  A happy result from the order is three fold, I get a bit of money back, I get to do some stash-busting (badly needed) and I get a lovely relaxing day crafting (OH is at work so all is quiet) Oh, and there are bound to be extra cards which I can donate to the CS too, they seem to sell very well there, so that's four fold then :)

Have a lovely day wherever you are x


  1. enjoy your day, take photo's of the cards please

  2. My Mum looks after next doors cats and feeds them both, in fact I think they are more at home with her than next door! They get pouches and dried food too!

    Enjoy your cardmaking xx

    1. They're lucky cats, aren't they, and their loyalty belongs to the person feeding them!


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