Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Valentines Gift, Yay!

When OH came back from work last night he presented me with my first ever gift for Valentines day.  Even when we were courting he thought Valentines day gifts were absolute tosh and never bothered with either a card or gift ( at that point the penny should have dropped but I was young and naïve!)  Anyway, drum roll perlease........this is it!

It turns out that 'you can do it' were selling them off at £2 the set.  A real bargain, I agree, and do need a new washing up bowl :/  Never look a gift horse in the

It's very cold and frosty, but a beautifully sunny day so I have stripped the bed and have sorted the washing into piles.  I can carry on with my crafting and keep popping into the kitchen to do the washing too. See...multi-tasking again... I just hope that the promised snow doesn't arrive today...

Have a lovely day whatever you have planned, and thanks everso for popping in x


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