Thursday, 3 September 2015

On Autumn and a Getaway

September and the GC return to school today after the long Summer holiday.  When my own children were small, the first day back at school felt exciting. I would usually take down and wash all the curtains and dry them outdoors in the few remaining warm breezy days, ready to batten down the hatches for Winter. The freezer would gradually be stocked with food ready to cosy up for cold, dark Winter evenings and thoughts would turn to hot soup, roast dinners, jacket potatoes, puddings with custard and, of course, the 'C' word :)

I still get excited at thoughts of Autumn and walking through lovely crisp Autumn leaves in the lane although OH doesn't share my joy.  He feels sad at the passing of Summer.  Anyway, tomorrow we are going on a little break before the mild weather deserts us completely.  We are off to Sidmouth in Devon for a few days in the caravan.  I am preparing food to take with us to keep the cost down a bit:

Quorn curry HM (frozen in a 2 portion size)
Rice sachet (microwaves in 2 mins 50p from sainsbugs)
Cheese grated into a plastic box (useful for cheese on toast, jacket potatoes, sandwiches etc)
Baked beans ( ditto)
Bottled water (so expensive to buy out)
Wine (of course!...£4 from Morrisons)
Box of cornflakes for OH
Plastic box containing some Dorset cereal for me

In addition we will take whatever is left in the fridge
milk, eggs, salad-y bits etc

We will probably treat ourselves to one meal a day out (and have budgeted for that) but the remaining groceries will be bought locally once we arrive. 

When we get back I will plan my 'C' word, making lists and deciding what I can make as gifts.

I am excited!

We might have some internet access whilst we are away, I will certainly try to keep blog reading but posts might be tricky. I'll be back in a few days :-)

Take care & thanks for popping in x


  1. Have a lovely break, one day we might get a motorhome again, just a small one this time, but that will have to wait until we decide where we are moving to after 3 years here. Day trips and hols can be expensive food wise, we try to do like you take some and have a few meals out as well, If your going out or away its nice to have a treat, we like you are careful with the pennies which pays for the meals out and holidays. Yes the C word, I have been thinking about that. Have a fantastic time, I have been to Sidmouth before x

  2. Sidmouth is lovely, enjoy your break. I do miss our caravan (although OH doesn't!).

  3. We went to Devon in the summer and had a lovely day at Sidmouth, enjoy your stay

  4. Thank you everyone :) It's finally stopped raining too, yippee! x


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