Thursday, 21 August 2014

Crafty Question...Is it too early?

Hi Folks,

Yesterday I took a trip to a large shopping centre.  I went to window shop & browse with my thoughts turning to shhh, I'll whisper it...Christmas.... I was not the first to think of it as the card shops were overflowing with Christmas cards and decorations, wrapping paper etc.  It seems to come earlier with every passing year.  Now my son was born on Christmas day, I know, I know, bad planning, and each year I have struggled with getting a nice birthday card so close to Christmas so several years ago I decided to make my own.  Rarely do I now buy cards as people kind of expect a handmade one and get a bit miffed if I send a bought one.

Here is one I made for my Granddaughter's birthday.  Her name is at bottom right but I've covered it up as I'm not ready to share that :-)  I stamped and coloured the image to make the card in one of her favourite colours...

I made all my Christmas cards last year.  They don't work out especially cheap (around 40p each) but they are unique and seem to be well received.  Some have even been framed for keepsakes.....

I really must make a start on my cards and gifts for this year.  It really helps the budget if I begin now and buy the gifts one by one....

Does anyone else begin the present shopping yet? Or have you already done it and put me to shame? Perhaps you find it cheaper to buy everything on Christmas Eve? Do you make your own gifts? I don't have a sewing machine so can't make anything else. Any tips much appreciated. I know there are lots of thrifty people out there!

Thanks for popping in x


  1. Lovely cards, 40p each is good considering what you would pay for family ones in the shops.

  2. I have never tried card making, I really do not have the room for the stuff but love to receive a home made anything. I do not mention the c word before October if I can help it, then out comes the seasonal fabrics, the red and green felt and I am away, I love it.

    1. Hi Pam, it's the one thing I find that relaxes me, cardmaking that is. I've been doing it for over 10 years now. I wish I could sew and would love to make a quilt but I don't have a machine and am debating whether or not to splash out and buy one. I popped over to your blog and LOVE the look of your new scraps! Have fun and thanks for popping in.

  3. Hello
    I came across you link from Fugal Queen. I like you make some bits and bobs for Christmas.
    Love what you can make out of old Christmas cards that are sent to me or I ask my neighbour for their unwanted ones; Gift tags being the main thing. My Aunt, sadly long gone would always tear off the backs hole punch them and using leftover gift ribbon make note paper blocks for phone messages and the like. The fronts would be looked at and selected cards marked into gift tags the remainder would either end up as boxes for small gifts or as Christmas decorations. On the back she would draw a circle and cut out with old pinking shears about 8 then draw a triangle scoring the lines marked but not cutting through them. Then picture facing would bend the “ears” towards herself stapling/gluing as she went and then with any leftover gift ribbon or the like she would make a hanging loop and a tassel. I don’t think she ever bought any decorations. The house and the tree were always so pretty. Oh yes and still to this day I open gift wrap carefully so I can use it again!
    All the best Rachel

  4. Hi Rachel, now that's what I call recycling! Nothing was ever wasted was it, it's good to hear that you make things for Christmas too. Personally, I love Christmas ;-)
    Thanks for popping in x

  5. I always make an early start buying my Christmas cards in the January sales ! and then pick up stocking fillers for the boys throughout the year as I find filling stockings costly! never attempt to buy them gifts til December as they always change their minds!


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