Sunday, 17 August 2014

Home grown beauties

In my quest to stretch the food budget I decided earlier in the year that we needed to try to grow something edible.  Now, bearing in mind that I'm a rubbish cook and an even worse gardener that wasn't going to be an easy task!  However, somehow these beauties appeared....

The seed potatoes cost £1 and the bag in which to grow them was also from one of the pound shops (this can, of course, be re-used), the compost is multipurpose from a bag bought last year for some flower pots.  There were enough potatoes to feed two of us for about 4 weeks.  As an experiment it was a pleasing result.  At the moment I have another bag on the go with a mix of carrots and parsnips in.  I wasn't sure if mixing the seeds would work but they appear to have grown happily side by side.  We have hardly any garden so container growing is our only option.  I intend pulling some young parsnips for dinner tonight so will report on those later.

If anyone actually reads this post I will be thrilled :-) but if matter...I am putting my thoughts down on 'virtual' paper.


  1. Hello and congratulations on your first post. Your spuds look great you should be really proud of yourself x

    1. Thank you so much, Julee, my parsnips were OK too :-D I do appreciate you taking time to comment, it's nice to know someone has read my post! x

  2. They look fab and i bet they taste good! Keep writing !!


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