Saturday, 23 August 2014

Incompetent Cook Strikes Again!

I told you at the start what a rubbish cook I am and I wasn't kidding.  There's almost a week to go until the end of the month and we were totally devoid of cake yesterday so I had to do something.  A quick rummage through my folder and I attempted to make flapjacks and Fat Rascals.  Here is the result...

Both recipes have been gleaned from the back of my Tricia Ashley books (I love that woman! Sheer fun and escapism written in a style that keeps me reading, bless her)  The flapjacks should have had mincemeat in but I hadn't got any and had to improvise (see what I mean about being a rubbish cook?)  There were actually 4 Fat Rascals, each measuring approx. 4" across but they smelled so yummy that DH and I ate one immediately, warm and buttered straight from the oven.  Oops! although we did both have a brisk walk afterwards to burn off the calories.  In reality they are not as pale and uninteresting as they look in the photo.

Now my Small Treasure for today was these...

I sleepily opened the living room curtains this morning to be greeted by these lovelies.  Wow! They are a beautiful colour; a kind of apricot centre with pinkish/peach on the tips of the petals.  My cheap supermarket flowers at a cost of £3 had the power to give me a spiritual lift to start the day. Worth every penny.


  1. Hi I make fat rascals regularly and they are lovely I will make some in a few weeks and post on my blog, x

  2. I bet yours look much more professional than mine do! I'll keep an eye open for your photo. Thanks for popping in x

  3. Hi Angie will be making the fat rascals tommorow,x

  4. Yum, I'll await your photo, Happy Homemaker :0)

  5. oh fat rascals sound yummy, and I love trish ashley too. might just have to make some. x


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