Tuesday, 20 March 2018

More Toothy Troubles

Many thanks to everyone who commented on my last post.  Sue will be sorely missed by a lot of people but I suspect she will still be around blogland now and then reading other blogs :)

We awoke this morning to brilliant sunshine :)  The snow has gone and the sun is regaining a little of it's warmth and my little pot of tete a tete daffodils are standing up like soldiers! I really do hope that last weekend was the very last of the snow for this Winter.

OH has gone off to a hospital appointment this morning so I am catching up with washing and ironing (and blogging) whilst he's gone.  He's gone for his pre-med.  Do you remember that I wrote about his tooth extraction in April 2017?  He developed a dry socket which left a gaping hole in his gum?  Well it never completely healed (as we guessed at the time) and now the consultant thinks that an un-erupted wisdom tooth is stopping the healing process.  Doh!  Our own dentist said so at the time but the hospital didn't want to do anything about it.  He has spent almost a whole year washing out the socket after every meal and trying to keep it clean.  Anyway, he now has an appointment for an extraction on 6th April under general anaesthetic.  This could have been done in the first place.  No wonder the NHS is in such a mess.  He has been to-ing and fro-ing from dental surgery to hospital numerous times over the last year, using up NHS time and money in the process. He is dreading the op but let's hope it finally does the trick.....

It's gone 9.30am and I feel hungry so I'm off for a late breakfast of muesli, raspberries and a spoonful of yogurt.  Once hubby gets back, lunch will be jacket potato with cheese and coleslaw.

By the way, there were still shortages in the supermarket yesterday.  Still no 4 pint cartons of skimmed milk and gaps on shelves throughout the store.

Anyway, see you soon. Stay safe and thanks so much for popping in x

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  1. Oh your poor hubby. I hope the operation gets rid of the problem for him.

  2. I have been looking to see if any of our daffs are out as there is a daffodil show to be held locally this weekend and I might just try my luck!

  3. Ouch ... your poor hubby, and as you say what a terrible waste of NHS resources AND your time.

    Yep, I'm still blowing around blogland with the dust bunnies ;-)

    1. Plenty of dust bunnies in my home too Sue! I'm spending too much time crafting :/

  4. A whole year of fooling around and as you say wasting resources. Fingers crossed all goes well and he soon will be done with toothy troubles.