Saturday, 10 March 2018

Gardeners World The Snowy Version!

Crikey, March 10th already, the year is moving on so fast.  Did anyone watch Gardeners World last night on TV?  For me, it usually signals the start of Spring in a big way but last night showed how the snow had wrecked Green Meadows.  Frost blighted green shrubs and flattened grasses were everywhere and snowflakes were still falling as they filmed.  It was so atmospheric.  Next week they will be featuring one of our local garden centres; Ashwood Nurseries, which we have been visiting virtually the whole of our married life.  I'm looking forward to watching that.

Today is very wet and drab but not half as cold as it was.  I had a table at the craft fair in the village this morning and took a total of £27.90 so my Stash to Cash challenge (after paying £5 for the table) benefits by £22.90 making the total so far £26.50  I'm still waiting to find out which cards my neighbour wants but she has been in hospital so I haven't seen her around for a while.

The first batch of birthday cards for the month has been made and posted off, now I have 3 more to sort out for the second half of the month along with raising some cash for DD's present.  I'm hoping for a few eBay sales to help me out but sales are very slow at the moment.  Is anyone else finding it hard going?

Anyway, thanks so much for popping in. Stay safe x

Stash To Cash £26.50
eBay     £0.00

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  1. I have just made a batch of cards that I intend to take with me on my travels to save on the postage. Well done on your sales at the craft fair.