Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Sprain and a Bargain

Today has not been so cold.  Chilly, yes, fresh, yes, but not the biting cold of the last couple of days.  We had arranged to pick up two of our dearest friends and take them to lunch. My friend's hubby has recently lost his sight so they no longer have a car.  They are great company so we spent lunchtime with them and then went in to coffee when we dropped them off home. We all enjoyed it immensely.  It's great to have a catch up :)

Oh my goodness... little GS has so far this year suffered a broken finger, a cut above his eye and now this.....

Apparently, he and another boy went to kick the ball simultaneously during football at school yesterday and GS came off worse with a badly bruised, swollen & sprained foot.  Mum, as usual, ended the day spending 4 hours in A & E...sigh... the pleasures of motherhood, I remember them well  :/

A couple of days ago Tesco emailed me a loyalty points reward coupon for £1.50 so, as they had their mince pies at 89p per box, I bought two boxes which cost me just 28p so:  one box for us and one for the Festive Food Bank contribution day # 11

That's all the news for the moment, thanks everso for popping in x


  1. Such a shame about your Grandson, hopefully he will feel more comfortable soon. The joys of motherhood indeed, I remember it well.

  2. We had 3 boys close together and in the end the receptionist at our A&E never asked our name, just sighed and reached for a new form.