Monday, 1 February 2016

Signs of Spring and Mean Queen Media Queen!

In my post on 24th January I mentioned raising a bit of money on eBay to buy DD something nice for her birthday in March.  So far I have sold 3 things which have given me a nett profit of just £18.69  The things were just lying around in a drawer so it's given me good start.  Not a fortune, I know, but something to start off the birthday fund.  More items listed so keeping my fingers crossed :)

photo from Channel 4 news

I have been keenly following Ilona Richards AKA Mean Queen from Life After Money blogspot.  She is amazing and kept her cool through all the TV and newspaper interviews despite some negative comments from people who don't even know her.  I don't agree with everything she says but she has such a good heart and raises lots of money for the cat charity she supports as well as giving a home to 3 rescue cats and an old dog, Rocky.  The woman deserves a medal in my view.  Rock on Ilona !!

Today is the start of a whole new month and another step forward on the path to spring.  I can't believe that we have been let off so lightly here in snow at all yet! has been so wet and so very windy and yet the tiny bulbs have begun to open in readiness for sunny Spring days.  The Poinsettia I was given for Christmas is still as beautiful as the day it arrived....

and yet tiny daffodils are opening up and turning their delicate little faces to the lukewarm sun whenever it deigns to appear.....

We have a visitor today, the gas man.  The weather has been so mild that we haven't needed the heating on half so much as in previous years but our tank is still a little depleted, so a top up to 90% full is welcome just in case of a cold snap.  It's comforting to know that even if we are snowed in this month we have enough LPG in our tank to see us through until mid March at least. He has just pushed the delivery note through the door and the cost is £111.97 (43p per litre).  LPG is more expensive than natural gas but we don't have a choice and we put money aside each month for all the bills.  No worries there then.... :)

Stay safe and warm everyone and we'll 'talk' again later  x


  1. Hi Angie, I love Ilona's blog, she has had lots of stick recently when you read the comments under the newspaper articles, I don't think there is anything wrong with how she lives, she likes her days out and breaks and she lives frugally to pay for those things, just like myself really, rock on Ilona .
    My Poinsettia is still going strong. It will be nice when all the bulbs pop up xx

    1. Spring is ever closer, Marlene. I bet your garden is coming on nicely too x

  2. Hi I love Iliona's blog I think she is a fantastic lady. We are all different and we all have our unique ways to save money in order to do/ have the life we wish to have. I've embraced eBay to make some extra money for my travel fund with some success it's good fun and exciting when you get a sale. Both my poinsettias are looking very sad. Not sure why this year usually they last a lot longer. Good luck with eBay.

  3. I thinks she's great to, I wish people were kinder.

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