Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Pleasant Surprise & A Claim

When I last shopped at Sainsbury's I used my Nectar reward card and was amazed when I got home to find that I had won 1,000 Nectar points.  To claim them all I needed to do was to scan my card again on my next shop.  As I needed fuel yesterday, I drove into town and popped into Sainsbury's for a TV guide and scanned my reward card as I paid.....  1,000  Nectar points, worth £5 worth of food, are now mine!
Unfortunately for my waistline these donuts also popped themselves into my basket, but at just 30p for two were a bargain not to be missed.  Delicious they were too, bursting with raspberry filling  :) 

Changing the subject slightly,  I regularly watch the Martin Lewis money show and subscribe to  Isn't he amazing?  Some time ago I received a copy of his weekly email and one item of interest was with regard to claiming for washing work uniform as an expense against tax.  As OH works for 'you can do it' he often comes home filthy and his clothes have to be laundered immediately :/  I decided to check this 'laundry' allowance out.  OH has now completed all the forms online, printed them out and posted them today.  It's quite a faff as you have to complete a separate form for each year you wish to claim for but it's worth giving it a go, don't you think?  If anyone else wants to try just go to the money saving expert website and type 'laundering work uniform' in the search box.  It should come up with a link.  Do allow about half an hour for the form filling though. Has anyone else claimed successfully?

Today has been very cold but beautifully sunny enough to lift the spirits.  I was out early feeding the cats but there was no frost.  I've just been back to see to them again and it's decidedly chillier so I expect there will be frost tomorrow....

Stay warm everyone x


  1. Every little helps doesn't it , we don't get many nectar points. Done worry about the doughnuts we all need a treat now and then xxx

  2. What a lovely bonus the nectar points are. Fingers crossed the laundry claim I successful. Enjoy the sweet treat.

  3. Well done with the nectar points. I keep on meaning to claim the laundry allowance as my husband where's a uniform for work, Thanks for the reminder x

  4. Brilliant Nectar bonus, to quote a completely different supermarket 'every little helps' :-)

  5. Back in the day when I was working but a bit of a spendthrift and in quite a bit of debt I used Martin Lewis template to claim back bank charges to the amount of £3554 oh dear and a council tax refund of over £3000 because houses on my road were in a lower band than I was. Ongoing council tax was subsequently reduced too. Brilliant.

    1. What a marvellous result, Wendy :) It certainly pays to claim these things once we know about them.