Saturday, 25 July 2015

On Toilets, Knitting and Turkey

Firstly, a big welcome to Sooze, my new follower, thanks for clicking!
Thank you too to everyone who commented on my last post re composting toilets.  I think Pam hit the nail on the head when she referred to 'Public' versions of the same.  A private, personal, family toilet would not be so daunting and the view of the countryside whilst sitting would be quite pleasant eliminating the need to whistle as one's head would be visible at the window!  Anyway, I did look at blacksheepinwales blogspot and found the photos...very interesting.....Another thought struck me about the practicalities.  If there is no flush how do you clean the loo? It would be against the Eco principle to clean the bowl with chemicals or some kind of spray cleaner  And if there's no water what about hand washing? Hmmmm...another dilemma.....thoughts on a postcard

Well what a washout weatherwise these last few days have been.  Not at all like summer weather.  Yesterday dawned wet, a bit windy and very dull.  We were due to go to DD for tea as little GS will have his 8th birthday next week when they are on holiday so a family tea was planned.  We took the opportunity to have a quiet day so I sorted the washing into piles, loaded the first into the machine and whilst OH read the paper I did a bit of knitting......

Marianna's lazy daisy days blogspot has some fabulous free patterns for babies.  She is so clever!  Lots of them are knitted from the top down so there are few seams, just the sleeve seam to sew.  The yarn I am using has a slight sparkle to it so it should look very sweet for a baby boy...

This is the pattern I am using, it's very easy for a moderate knitter...

After a jacket potato and cheese lunch we tootled off to DD's and spent an enjoyable 4 hours helping prepare then eat the food, and socialising with people we only usually see at family gatherings :)  As usual, I forgot my flippin' camera....

DD and family are off on holiday Turkey...and to say that I am worried about them would be a massive understatement.  Not only is the happenings in Tunisia on my mind but Turkey is having a heatwave at the moment. It has been 40 degrees at times and I worry about the children.  I know DD is sensible but I know I would hate the heat and wouldn't be able to sleep at night.  You never cease being a mum do you?  Has anyone been to Turkey recently? Do you enjoy the heat?

These lovely flowers were given to me by a neighbour on Wednesday.  She and her husband were due to move into rented accommodation and the agent failed to tell them that they needed to provide more proof of savings before they would be allowed the keys.  This was 2 days before the planned move.  What! 2 days before!  So I helped them by scanning and emailing various bits of information and luckily we managed to sort it out.  The flowers were a thank you for helping.  I didn't need a gift for helping but was very touched that she had thought to do it.  They moved as planned on Thursday....phew!....

  It's raining again here but it's a lovely gentle rain and the sun is trying to break through.  I am having a quiet start to the day then going food shopping.  I have some coupons so will donate as much as I can to the food bank too.  Sadly, with the changes announced in the Budget FB's will be needed more than ever..

Have a lovely day whatever you have planned x


  1. You are right don't matter how old they are you'll always look out and worry about them, We only go to European countries, there is always something going on else where, and not keen on heat anyway.Renting is not so easy these days, as we have found out if you are not high earners you have to pay 6 months upfront, which is what we have just done.

    1. Re renting, it leaves so little choice for the non-high earners. Our neighbours had to find £6000 up front too. Glad you found somewhere lovely to move to x

    2. Yes it is a lovely place, it will be the nicest place for us so far, x

  2. Turkey is a beautiful country, and we have always found lovely people, but we never stop worrying. It is nice when someone says thank you with flowers.

    1. I felt quite choked when she brought them round....

  3. That was a lovely gesture from your neighbour, even if you didn't expect anything it's always nice when you get some flowers x