Thursday, 14 May 2015

On Growing Pains and Fairies

At long last my potato pot has begun to flourish.  It must be the lovely sunny days we have had lately.  I do wonder, however, if my bargain pack of seed potatoes was a mixed bag.  They were supposed to be Pentland Javelin  but the leaves don't all look alike if you see what I mean.  Now I know that young leaves change as they develop but a close inspection (seeing through the frost damage I had a few weeks ago) shows decidedly a range of shapes and colours.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Do you see what I mean? :/

My salad leaves are flourishing now too and we have eaten a fair few already. They were very tasty and you can see that we have also shared them with a bird or snail, I'm not sure which....

I have a definite failure with the carrots though.  I counted 12 yesterday...twelve?  I can't bear to pull them out and start afresh so I will let them grow on. They had better be super tasty!

When we moved in here 5 years ago we treated ourselves to a solar powered lamp for the border....kissing I suddenly realised that it's no longer producing any light so I have switched it off and given the top a good clean to let in more sunlight and I will switch it on again in a week and hope for a glow!  If it still doesn't work it will stay put anyway; I just love it.

Look at our bargain of the month; a lovely strawberry pot for the princely sum of....drum roll  £1 !! Yes a whole pound!  It would have been very rude not to have bought it :)

Tomorrow we are going off to Cornwall for a few days, to Padstow in fact, Cornish Chickpea country :)  She posts such wonderful photographs that we have the urge to visit our most favourite place once again. If the weather is kind to us we hope to visit the Eden Project too and perhaps Polperro.  I am taking my camera but I just know that my photographic efforts will be nowhere near as good as Chickpea's.  Never mind, it's the effort that counts, isn't it ;)

Take care while I'm gone, play nice now! x

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  1. You can top your carrot pot up with some more seeds, there is plenty of time. The potatoes could need a little feed, some of the leaves are yellowing, it would not hurt. My Duke of York are making flowers and the Sharpes Express are not far behind. The solar lamp is pretty, I would hang on to it as well. Enjoy Cornwall,. I hope to get to the Eden Project this year.

  2. Agree with Pam on perhaps some feed for your potatoes PP though disagree on the Eden Project, Lost Gardens of Heligan get my vote (not that lost either, there are signs n everything)

  3. I hope you love both the Eden project and Padstow, we enjoyed both a few years ago. Lucky you with the strawberry pot.

  4. If your solar lamp doesn't recover, see if you can take it apart and replace the rechargeable battery inside. My lovely husband has done that twice with my solar light string, which must be nearly 10 years old now :)

  5. I hope you have a lovely trip away & I agree with Pam & John - sprinkle a few more seeds x

  6. My first planting of carrots came out much like yours. Like others have said, you can just add some more seed. You'll have fun digging up those potatoes in a few months, seeing exactly what it is that's been growing. Enjoy your time in Cornwall!

  7. Solar batteries can either be replaced or recharged in a normal recharger, just the same as any rechargeable batteries.
    We have a row of solar lights down our driveway, and to keep them at their best, I remove their batteries about every three months and pop them in the mains charger for a few hours. Just make absolutely sure that you only ever put rechargeable batteries in the charger, ordinary batteries could, and probably would, explode!