Saturday 2 May 2015

Well I Never! And A Little Bit of Knitting

Well I Never! 
I had a couple of positive comments on yesterday's post regarding the withdrawal of Food Bank and pet food donation bins from Sainsbury's store. Helen Graham suggested that Morrisons might have them. Thanks, Helen, but our local one doesn't, unfortunately. Jo@awholeplotoflove reminded me about checking with the Trussell Trust for drop off points. Thanks Jo, I will do that.
However, I have an update..... I popped back to the store this morning for my weekend top up and, lo and behold, the donation trolley and bins are back!  As soon as I got home I rang the store to enquire about it.  It seems it was a corporate decision to remove them but the store has been instructed to re-instate them until the end of May when they will, once more, be removed.  Now, why are they being removed at all?  With Sainsbury's connection with Jack Monroe and her action against poverty you would think they would be falling over themselves to keep donations going.  Do they suddenly want to distance themselves from Food Banks?  Are they aiming higher because people are suddenly buying their value ranges rather than the premium 'Taste The Difference' ones?  I wonder...hmm..
What do you think is the reason?
A Little Bit of Knitting
A few weeks ago, with time on my hands, I rediscovered my knitting mojo.  I had completely forgotten how pleasurable it can be knitting tiny garments whilst sitting in a comfy armchair in a warm room.  This morning I decided to offer them to a charity shop in town and see if they were enthusiastic about taking them.  Quite honestly, I felt a bit shy about it but a lovely lady in the Marie Curie Cancer Care CS was very welcoming and certainly enthusiastic about the tiny garments.  She said that baby items sell very well and they would love to take more if I wanted to make some.
This is what I donated today......
On the way out I looked at the prices on the baby garments they already had in.  A little buttonless cardigan was £2.50 so, hopefully, mine should sell at more than the cost of the wool.  My income is insufficient to pay tax so I can't Gift Aid them...therefore I do hope so.....I might pop in during the week to see whether they are selling :)

Thanks for popping in. It's lovely to see you x


  1. Maybe it's because Lord Sainsbury, who is the President of Sainsbury's, is a Conservative peer. It could be suggested that he doesn't want to draw attention to the fact that the number of people using foodbanks has risen from 66,000 to 1 million under the government of the party he supports.

    1. I think you certainly have a point there, Scarlet. It's shameful that a rich country like ours is creating more need, not less, for foodbanks.

  2. Perhaps all the Sainsburys shoppers should move to Tesco for a while, they still have their food bank collection points. I do not shop there for myself but fill a basket every week for the bank.

    1. That would certainly make them sit up and take notice, Pam. I pop into Sainsbob's simply because it's convenient but my main shop is elsewhere as they can still be much more expensive than their rivals.


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