Sunday, 3 May 2015

On Cholesterol and A Busy Sunday

Welcome to A Heron's View, it's nice to have you aboard :)
After a night of quite heavy but soothing sounds of rain, I awoke to a grey day around 9am this morning. What a lazy bones! OH had to go to work (a late shift so not due in until 11am) which made me feel guilty enough to tackle some of this.....
But firstly, one of these..... essential!

I stripped the bed which made another couple of loads to go in here.  I use a 40 degree wash for bed linen but shorten the programme to 55 minutes instead of the default time of 1 hour 25 minutes.  Does anyone actually get clothes dirty enough to have to wash them for so long? Good grief....

By 1 o'clock I was pretty hungry and ready for lunch. A quick scrambled egg on toast filled the gap nicely and I indulged myself with two eggs.....very tasty, but at times like this I pine for chooks of my own. Ah well....

Do you remember the time when the slogan was 'Go to work on an egg' ?  The powers that be then decided that eggs were full of cholesterol and therefore bad for us?  A week ago I had my very first health check at the village surgery ( and which will now take place every 5!)  On Friday a lady from the surgery rang to say that my cholesterol test results were in and my level is 6.7.  "Crikey", I said  (I had researched this sort of thing online don't ya know :) )  "Isn't that a bit high?" 
"A little" she said "but as your blood pressure and weight are perfectly normal, just cut down on fat and salt and we will do a re-test in 12 months".   Now then, as I drink skimmed milk, eat no meat, very little butter or cream, and cook with olive oil, the culprit can only be cheese (which I do love).  Please don't tell me I have to eat that half fat stuff which tastes of nothing...Yep, I do and, guess what, I can eat several eggs a week for my protein! Huh? :/

Has anyone else had to re-jig their diet to reduce cholesterol levels?  Any tips? Did the plan work? Do tell....

Anyway, back to my day in a nutshell.  After lunch, with the bedding tumble dried as I only have one set, it was duly ironed and put to air, the bathroom scrubbed and tidy, cakes were baked and veg prepared for tea.  Hopefully, this should leave tomorrow free and as OH is once again at work I want a day of crafting and doing lovely things just for me.  I can't go anywhere because my car is poorly. Yesterday it started making horrible metallic grinding noises which my neighbour thinks could be a wheel bearing and I can't get it looked at until Tuesday due to the Bank Holiday.  It sounds expensive aarrggh!

Hope you have all had a lovely Sunday and have an even better day tomorrow, whatever the weather.

Thanks everso for popping in x


  1. I have been on a low fat diet for 40 years, since I was 19, I love cheese the real stuff, and still can not resist any, but I only purchase enough for a feast once a month, hubby can't eat cheese which helps. As for the low fat stuff, I don't touch it, horrible.

  2. Oops, I love cheese, I eat butter, use double cream, olive oil, lots of eggs and quite a few nuts. But not every day and in moderation. I love salad and steamed veg and I dress them both with Balsamic Vinegar, no mayo for me. I do like bread with a good slather of butter, I make small loaves and have one slice. I am gradually removing meat from my diet, down to 3 times a week now. I am overweight I need to exercise some portion control and cut out the cakes. Easier said than done.

    1. I never eat Mayo either, Pam, I will try the balsamic as a dressing. I think lack of sufficient exercise does me no favours....

  3. seems that those in the know have now come to the conclusion that high cholesterol has precious little to do with diet.

    1. Apparently they have discovered that 80% is made in the liver anyway. Why do we worry :-!

  4. I love cheese , I can give or take butter and opt for flora light but i really need to do something too about my cholesterol levels as they were high last time i had a blood test and i am definitely overweight with too much baking lol xxx


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