Sunday, 9 November 2014

On Remembrance Sunday

First, a big welcome to Starnitesky, my new follower.  What a lovely name :)

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Today is Remembrance Sunday and I couldn't let it pass without adding my own heartfelt thanks to all those men and women who have lost their lives protecting others.  I have closely watched the news relating to the current conflict, cried when the young bodies were brought home and sighed with despair that nothing changes and the world will not become peaceful.  I never really understood the horror of the first world war until now.  We MUST never forget the ones who have given their lives.  The young widows (or widowers in some cases) struggling to bring up their children alone, the men and women who suffer physical and mental ill health after being involved in conflict, they all  need our help.  Each year I have bought a poppy but over the last two or three years I have donated to Help for Heroes, Forces Support and other such charities.  I will re-double my efforts.  It's the least I can do....

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