Monday 8 May 2017

Book or Kindle? And Jolly's

Tomorrow we are off to our most favourite place in the whole of Cornwall, Padstow, for a bit of a get away.  We're taking the caravan as it's much cheaper than renting a cottage so it won't be an entire rest-fest for me as I will still be cooking but I am so looking forward to the fresh salty air....

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I'm looking forward to eating a warm pasty whilst watching the activity on the boats within the harbour, scoffing scones with jam and rich Cornish cream, and licking a locally made ice cream cornet too (although not one after the other, of course....obviously  :) ).  We'll walk as much as we are able to work off the effect of any treats and (hopefully) relax in some sunshine to replenish our vitamin D.  Apparently, people are so used to sloshing on the sunscreen that they are now Vit. D deficient!  Good grief, the 'experts' tell us one thing and then some time later change the advice into a totally opposite direction.  Everything in moderation, including the sun, seems to be the way to go, I think.

Book or Kindle? I ask.  I have a book to take with me to finish but I will need another so I thought I would take my kindle too.  Browsing Amazon's website has shown me a big change in the swing of the pendulum from books to kindle.  It seems to be swinging back to books as they are often much cheaper than the kindle version now!  I must admit that I love the feel of a physical book in my hands, the ability to read the cover now and again and to flick back and forth to check on bits of the story that I may have mis-read of forgotten, to see how much I have read in page numbers and not percentages.  I LOVE BOOKS!!  How do you feel about them?

Take care whilst I am away and enjoy the sun (in moderation) whilst we have it.

Thanks everso for popping in x


  1. Have a great time, we have had many a Cornish break, at the end of the day I would always buy proper books xx

  2. We are in Devon enjoying the sunny weather, as for books or kindle, always a book, nothing feels better than turning a page. BUT I do read books on my ipad when in holiday abroad, the weight of books in my suitcase is always to much, but I am a book work. Enjoy your break

  3. Books....always.
    Have a lovely time-x-

  4. We're off to Cornwall next weekend for 2 weeks - just trying to decide whether to invite the 2 granddaughters or not - at 1 and 3 it would be lovely but no holiday as such. Hope you get good weather.

  5. Have a great time. Books for me everytime.

  6. Enjoy your time away, I also love Padstow and we were there last year!

    I have both, I use my Kindle for travel (usually long distances such as planes as it is light) and I use regular books on a daily basis and holidays in this country. I much prefer 'real' books but my kindle does have its place.

  7. Enjoy your break. It sounds like it will be idyllic. Preferably books for me, when I get the chance to read. They are less easy to break than my Kindle. X

  8. I have only momentarily considered buying an e-reader as I have rather a lot of books (understatement - we have many hundreds, perhaps a few thousand) so there really is no need for me to have a Kindle or whatever, but for a holiday, to save packing several, I think it would be useful. But I love a book, the feel and smell of a book, the turning of the pages, actually, not pretend as on a Kindle. So, I guess I'm a book person!
    I hope you will, by now, have had a lovely time in Padstowe (or Padstein as it's known.)
    Margaret P

  9. A book definitely, but Kindle is so useful for holidays especially if flying as it weighs an awful lot less than several books! This post was a timely find as I am just in the process of writing a post about books versus e-readers for my own blog!


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