Sunday, 1 March 2015

March Challenge

Goodness me, the first day of March already and Spring is well and truly on it's way.  I eagerly turned over the calendar to find quote of the month which is this:

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value
Albert Einstein
This got me thinking of how I can be of value and to whom.  I feel valued as a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter in law, sister and so on, is that the same thing? I am of value to them all in one way or another.  My challenge this month will be to make myself of value in other ways, I think.  I aim to sell and donate more (money as well as items) to charities I care about, I have been of value to my neighbour by feeding her cat for the last 4 weeks without fail, and caring for Ern, the hibernating tortoise :) but I aim to find new ways to be of value to others.  This might be more of a challenge than I first thought :/
I will have a ponder and keep you posted.  Any suggestions dear followers? Do you have any challenge plans for the new month?
Have a lovely evening everyone x


  1. May I copy this quote for my classroom wall? I think it would be a great point of reference for my kids over the next few weeks.... Thanks for posting about it and good luck with all your plans. Jx

    1. Of course you may, Jan, I think it is a wonderful thing to aim for in life. I intend to try my best x


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