Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The Missing Cereal...A Disaster Avoided

Firstly a warm welcome to Briony, my new follower...Hello!

Yesterday was pleasantly mild compared to the weather we have experienced over the last week or two AND the snow has virtually gone.  I have checked the LPG gauge which is showing the tank is just under 60% full so we need to conserve some gas while we can, we won't get a top up until the end of the month.  I've turned the thermometer down to 15 degrees during the day and we let the heating go off at night now (9.30pm to 7.30am)  If we are sitting and get chilly we can turn on the electric fire for a while and snuggle down with a fleecy blanket or put on extra layers of clothing.  It's quite sunny at the moment so I've done all the ironing whilst OH is in the garden 'pottering'.

There is virtually no money left in the food budget (until next Monday) but OH realised we had forgotten to buy him some breakfast cereal :/  He's a creature of habit so having no cereal bordered on the criminal as far as he's concerned.  He simply won't eat my muesli as he says it's 'parrot food' ...grrr.  Anyway I remembered a jam jar in the sideboard which was about 1/3 rd full of copper coins.  I couldn't spend them as they were so took them to Mr M and put them through the coinstar machine.  This produced a coupon for £1.35 to spend in the store.  Cornflakes purchased and disaster avoided ;)  I was also in time to grab 2 bags of perfectly lovely carrots at 5p per bag as well as a punnet of baby plum tomatoes YS'd to 23p.  Tonight we will have salmon en croute (from the freezer) new potatoes and peas. Half the cooked salmon can be chilled overnight for our picnic lunch tomorrow after the cinema. It will be lovely with a bit of salad and our YS'd tomatoes.  We are going to the Silver Cinema showing of Murder on the Orient Express.  Just £3 each for the film, tea/coffee and biccies...yay!

I hope everyone is having a good day.  If you lost power last week, I hope it's now back on as well as the water supply.

Take care and thanks everso for popping in x


  1. Love the Silver cinema deal. Enjoy it's a fairly good watch.

  2. Its amazing how you manage when the money is tight, Enjoy your film, we saw it a while back. xx

  3. You can't beat a good film AND tea/coffee and biscuits for £3 can you :-)

  4. Definitely a good price for the cinema with tea/biscuits. Thank goodness for copper jars, its amazing how quickly throwing the coins in mounts up. We have a jar which we keep and then have a treat when we go away.

  5. Those bits of saved change sure come in useful. We have a 20p tin and a tin which we fill with smaller change for the girls to share. It's surprising how it mounts up.
    Enjoy your film.