Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Food Plan and A Street Cat Named Bob

Well the good news is....Grumpy is a bit less grumpy today!  Thank you for your comments on my last post.  Pam has a wonderful idea, she suggesting cancelling the date next year completely, no cards, no pressies and NO steak or wine.  It might be a jolly good idea :)

I've done the meal plan for this week.  I bought steak (obviously), plaice (on offer at 2 generous fillets for £2), bacon (for OH's weekend breakfasts) and cheese.  We already have Quorn fillets and 2 eggs.  The plan is for:

Monday: birthday meal as explained (leftover veggie lasagne for me)

Tuesday:  Quorn fajitas using 3 Quorn fillets (75p) 2 peppers from a pack (66p) a red onion (10p) and fajita spice which I bought for 19p a while ago.  I used 5 tortillas from a pack of 8 which I bought for 19p and popped in the freezer. Absolutely lovely!

Wednesday: Plaice, chips and peas

Thursday: Cheese omelette and salad (the last two eggs bulked up with cheese and shared)

Friday: sausages, roasties and assorted veg with gravy

Saturday: ??  OH on a late shift so he will only feel like jacket potato or beans on toast which will be fine for me too.

Sunday:  Pasta bake (so that if the family come to tea I can bulk out the bake to share and serve with crusty bread and salad)

Breakfasts : bacon for the weekend for OH otherwise cereal or toast this week

Lunches have been/ will be sandwiches, beans on toast, jacket potato or soup with HM cheese scone.....

cor... I LOVE cheese scone....  :)

Desserts have been/ will be the last few mince pies with custard or ice cream, HM cake or fruit (we have apples & grapes)

I had to buy kitchen roll and tissues this week but the spend came in at £28 which isn't at all bad for us.  I will try even harder next week to shave a little off the spend.

We treated ourselves today to the 11am showing of A Street Cat Named Bob.  It made me weep to see how some people have to struggle with coping with life but it has made me even more determined to continue to donate to the local Food Bank.  I was so pleased that there was a happy ending for James and £3 each for coffee, biscuits, a seat in a warm cinema and fresh determination to help others isn't half bad :)

Has anyone else seen the film? Isn't Bob wonderful?

Thanks everso for popping in and stay safe everyone x


  1. Lovely little note books, it is nice to be organised. I am always making notes and writing things down,xx

  2. I had the book last November for my birthday, I loved every bit of it, and found it interesting how one person or animal can change a life. I would like to see the film.

  3. I haven't seen the film but certainly one to watch when I can. I have started to make meal plans, I have found that I really do spend less and only buy what it really needed. At the moment we are eating out of the freezer and store cupboard, it will be interesting to see how long that lasts.

  4. I am still working on a "using what I have" meal plan and shopping is minimal, very nice. Tonight is a veg chilli and I am looking forward to it already. I haven't seen the film but may have a look for the book.