Friday, 24 June 2016

Referendum Limbo and Home Grown Food

Well the referendum results are out and so are we.  Whatever happens now, it will take time and patience to extricate us from the EU and to get things right.  It's pointless worrying what will happen.  I can remember my childhood when you could leave school or Uni and walk right into a job; a 'job for life' if you wanted it.  Let's hope we can make a better UK for our children and grandchildren.

We will carry on being thrifty, watching the household budget and living within our means.  I printed out my latest Tesco voucher and pondered how to make the best use of it.  I hate the taste and chemical smell of our tap water and usually buy a couple of bottles of mineral water to drink ice cold from the fridge.  I have been paying £1.40 for 4 bottles from Morrisons but found Tesco Everyday Value bottles at just 17p each!  Today I stocked up with 8 bottles @17p plus a bottle of lemonade as a treat for OH @ 40p  The lot cost me just 25p and the water tastes lovely, no aftertaste :)

We have a couple of salmon portions for tea today so I checked in the garden and found the first of my new potatoes as well as a few peas, I am excited!  There are lots more to come but I will take them as and when I need them to keep them fresh......

Look what else I found! I'm afraid I have already sampled a couple of them and they are delicious so these will be our dessert with a slice of Viennetta ice cream (which cost £1 and will be sliced into 6 portions @ 17p a portion)  At least I got to them before the slugs did!!

Have a great evening everyone, thanks everso for popping in x


  1. No point in worrying about the results, whatever be will be, we take each day as it comes, one thing that we don't drink is tap water, water is my main drink, have a good weekend, x

  2. We filter our water through a jug, can't stand water from the tap.