Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cor Blimey it's a Hot One!

Last night was so hot it was much too uncomfortable to sleep and 3am saw me in the bathroom running cold water over my hands and arms trying to cool down. Once I start tossing and turning it sets off the pain in my hip and even sleeping on top of the duvet didn't help me to settle.  I would be useless living in a hot country!  However, the warm weather is doing wonderful things for my illicit peas and potatoes, just look at the lush growth on my peas....

The flowers are starting to appear :)

We are going to have a few days away in the caravan soon so we need to find ways of keeping the precious plants hydrated.  OH poked small holes in our saved plastic water bottles which will be up-ended into the pots but we discovered that after a few seconds the water stops running as the vacuum sets in so he is going to put a small hole in the base too.  I hope it works because a neighbour has offered to keep an eye on things but I don't want to put him to too much trouble as he has his own problems.  Has anyone any tips?  Have you tried this system? Does it work for a few days? Any advice much appreciated....

We never feel much like eating when the weather is hot so yesterday we had a craving for a nice salad; little gem lettuce, grated carrot, locally grown tomatoes, home grown cress and a jacket spud with a bit of strong cheese...delicious...followed by Hereford - grown strawberries and ice cream :)

It feels like today will be a tad warm too and DD is popping in later so we could well be sitting in the shade in the garden.  Hmm...I think I need to give the 'Shirley Valentine' table and chairs a good wash.

(Hello again, A Heron's View, welcome back!)

See you later, have a really great day whatever you have planned x

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  1. That salad looks delicious and that looks like a good idea with the plastic bottles. Enjoy your break xxx