Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sincere Apologies

Hi everyone,

My sincere apologies for the sudden disappearance of my blog.  I wanted to change it around and refresh the whole thing but messed it up so had to take it down instead, then I couldn't get it to work properly in order to put it back.  OH has upgraded to Windows 10 and now my camera app refuses to work and I simply cannot download any photos :(   I despair at technology sometimes...

I can continue to read other blogs but my posts will be dull in the extreme if I can't use photos.
Please bear with me....

Thanks so much for popping in x


  1. Windows 10 at first was ok with my printer and then decided not to recognise it, huge pain and new printer purchased.

    1. It played up with ours too and OH had to re-install it. It works so far... :/

  2. I'm sticking to my 7 or whatever after reading your post and a few others saying much the same