Saturday, 12 December 2015

Advent Day 12 and Rain, Rain, Rain

Just a quick post today....

Advent day 12

I have been experimenting with bits of felt and making brooches. They were quite easy to do and should fetch a bit of cash for the CS.  If you click to enlarge the first photo you will see the little knitted baby bootees at the back too.  By putting a tiny bit of stuffing inside they made nice little brooches too.  The clasps can be bought quite cheaply off the internet....

It's pouring with rain yet again this morning so I'm dragging my feet getting ready to go out and do the weekend top-up shop :/   We are running out of milk and I need to bake some cake so I simply have to bite the bullet and go out.  OH is at work until 7pm today so I will be climbing the walls by then if I don't go out this morning.  I can then come back into the warmth of the house and settle down with my knitting :)

Stay safe everyone x


  1. The brooches are lovely. I made a couple of crocheted flower ones last week.

  2. I wish I could crochet, Sooze, it's one skill I don't have. I bet your brooches were lovely x