Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Toilet Dilemma

photo from Google

Something happened yesterday which completely threw me.  OH was browsing the internet to find a destination for our next little jaunt (what's new you might ask?) anyway he found a gorgeous site in South Devon which he was booking for a few days in September.  It looked a lovely clean and attractive site with good reviews but then he slipped into the conversation the fact that they have composting toilets! 
The moment he mentioned that the sun went in on the idea and my immediate reaction was NO WAY, JOSE!  I had visions of this sort of scenario...

And, yes, this sketch is a true representation of how composting toilets work (courtesy of Google, of course)  I like to think that I am a bit of an Eco Warrior so this idea should have sent thrills of excitement through my very core. It didn't. Perhaps if it was just the two of us using one at home it might have been different.  But I'm sure I would be unable to 'go' on one of these as the very thought puts me off.

Has anyone ever used a composting toilet?  Perhaps you are a true Eco Warrior and put me to shame by actually having one at home? How on earth do you 'go' in comfort?  Please tell if you have experience of using one, I am absolutely intrigued.....

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  1. I am so in tune with you, I have never used a "public" version of these. We did have them in my childhood. In the days of the "honey cart" we did not have the "bucket loo" my grandfather built a proper composting toilet, or rather 2, one was rested before removing the contents.

  2. Hi Angie yes it is me, I got myself in a bit of a state before , but I'm back life is good, x

  3. Living in rural Lincolnshire we didn't have flushing loos till well into the 70s, we just had earth closets, that the council came to collect , my gran had a proper two holer with an adult and child wooden seat seems so strange these days

  4. The house I lived in when I was little had no flushing loos until I was about 4 years old and our next door neighbours had the night soil lorry still coming right up to the end of the 1960s. Our other neighbours on a farm had a two holer for years and years. The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales have some compost loos, they are fine - honestly!

  5. I thought the whole point of a composting toilet was that it DIDN'T need regular emptying as the contents .... well, composted? Surely this is different from those requiring the services of the night soil lorry?

  6. I'm happy and proud to say I have used a composting toilet many times! Properly costructed, they are clean, dont smell and are very plesant to use. They often have amazing views of the country side! My welsh relatives have recently built one for their small campsite and all are very pleased with the result. Trawl back a little in their blog for photos. I hope this has put your mind at rest!

  7. I would love to have a composting toilet. I have tried to get David to build one in the field, so that we don't have to walk up to the house for the loo and I rather fancy sitting on the loo looking out into the countryside
    Have used composting toilets and they have been fine, you wouldn't really have known.

  8. Very interesting post as I have been pondering composting toilets for our future life. Hoping to have a semi wild eco camping site so would need something like this. Had to laugh about the childhood memories of night soil lorries, I thought Cornwall was decades behind everywhere else but do not remember such things at all in Cornwall, plenty of pits though. Our last place had a tank, I hated emptying day!