Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Why I Could Murder My Husband....

Hello, welcome to my new followers thrift deluxe and Jan :)

Well, today started off white over with snow so we had a lazy morning then decided to go into town for some exercise and a bit of fresh air once the sun broke through.  It was still bitterly cold but very pleasant walking in the sun.  Everyone we met seemed to be smiling which was very uplifting.  When we got home OH laughingly asked me what I had done to my jumper...

OMG! I had been wearing it inside out all day and, to make matters worse, I had removed my coat when we went into a pub in town for a warming mug of coffee.  This must have been in full view of anyone sitting behind me ://

 Now my clothes come in all sizes from a twelve to a sixteen depending where I buy them from.  Guess which one I was wearing today?  No prizes for guessing it was the biggest.  He might have noticed what I had done, the swine....

I will get my revenge somehow...mwah...ha...ha ;)

What was your most embarrassing moment my lovelies?  Please tell me I am not the only numpty ......

As usual, thanks for popping in and reading my nonsense x


  1. Oh Angie, that's the sort of thing what makes me laugh :)

  2. My list is endless. I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one!!!! Jx