Thursday, 1 January 2015

Looking Forward...Not Back....and Inspirations

Happy New Year!

2015 has arrived in a shower of sparks and celebration all over the world.  Can it already be 15 years into the new Millennium? You know the one...when we were told that computers would crash and the world would be in chaos.  In many ways it is in chaos but not because of computers.  As usual, it is humans themselves who are causing chaos with greed, intolerance, and war surfacing all over the world.  At the end of every year people tend to look back and see what they have achieved. TV producers go over old news and produce review programmes.  This year I will not look back but forward.  I have bought a new Inspirations calendar and every day I will look for my own Small Treasure with renewed vigour.
The quote for January is:
Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.
Henry David Thoreau
I might not be able to change the world alone but I will certainly do my best to make my personal bit of the world a nicer place to be, for others as well as myself.  I don't make new year resolutions because I can never keep them.  This is more a new way of looking at things, a new 'mind set', if you like.  Please come along with me because I love the company :)
 Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them?  Any great plans for this year?  Do tell....

Whatever your plans for the new year may health and happiness be with you and your families in all you do.
Welcome to my new follower, Joy, it's lovely to have you join me :)
And thanks everso for popping in x


  1. I always start off making resolutions but i never seem to carry them through, so this year my resolution is not to make any. ;-)
    Best wishes for a very happy new year.x

    1. A good idea! Happy New Year, Deb, hope it's wonderful x

  2. I never worry about looking back, I do try to take lessons learnt forward with me. I see that some bloggers are choosing a word for this year, being greedy I have 4, Have Some More Fun. I think that they have a good ring to them.

    1. An admirable phrase, Pam, we could all take that forward with us x

  3. Happy New year to you and your loved ones, I will be looking forward x