Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Inspired Shepherds Pie & Dodgy Maths

Quite inspired by John  at Of Brambles and Bears blog, I fancied making veggie shepherds pie last night using Quorn mince.  I had all the ingredients in stock.....

It was so easy as the packet mix added flavour.  I just chopped up the onion, sautéed it (that's posh for frying) in a small amount of olive oil, added the chopped up carrot (tiny pieces to cook quicker), mince, packet mix and 300ml water. I had some out of date (only by a couple of months!) chilli tomato puree so added a squirt of that too.  It was simmered for a few minutes to make sure it was hot and popped in a dish with lovely soft mashed potato on top.  After just 30 minutes in the oven at 190  it came out lovely....

Especially with a few microwaved peas and some instant gravy......(the latter added after the picci, of course) This was my portion so slightly less than 1/4 of the recipe...

I have tried to cost it out:
300g Quorn mince (3 bags for £5)   1.67
Shepherd's pie mix (Morrisons)         .29
1 Carrot (12 in a bag 60p)                  .05
2 small onions (12 for 50p)               .09
dribble of oil (guesstimate)                .02
700g potatoes (from big sack)           .24
splash of milk to mash..negligible
Total without peas & gravy           £2.36
This made 4 portions and it could be bulked out easily with extra veggies to feed a family.  As there are only two of us, the other 2 portions have been frozen for an easy meal another time.
I do wish you could have seen us trying to work out the cost of the potatoes though.  I can't do metric.  A 12.5kg bag cost us £4 (£2 at the moment in Morrisons) so I hope we came up with the correct cost. What a pair of numptys.  Who would guess that I have an 'O' level in maths?  Sorry, Miss Morrell, you didn't teach me in metric.
I picked up some bargainous yellow stickered stuff yesterday too but, so as not to bore you with too much food blogging, I'll write about that tomorrow :)
At the moment the sun is shining, melting away the ground frost, the air smells fresh and clean, here is a lovely place to be.  That is my Small Treasure for today.
Hope your day is wonderful.
Lovely to *see * you x 


  1. A very thrifty meal, and some for the freezer,saving time and energy and money, that's what I love.Looking forward to seeing your bargains. Weather wise its starting pouring down here, so at least it will warm up a bit, take care xx

  2. We used Quorn years ago when youngest daughter went veggie, we always enjoyed eating it,it takes on flavours well.

    1. It does, Marlene, doesn't it. Taste without the guilt!

  3. It looks great, I keep on meaning to make one but with a cheesy mash topping. I prefer using quorn to real mince, at least you know what you are getting.