Thursday, 18 September 2014

26p Pizzas and Spend as Little as Possible Day

Hi folks,

As you know, I'm a rubbish cook but I thought I'd just show you my frugal individual pizzas.  I made the bases using a really simple flatbread recipe shared by Wee Lass from Orkney Flowers BlogSpot.  All it takes is 250g of self raising flour, a pinch of salt and 150ml of cold water.  No yeast required ( I can't get on with yeast). Just mix it all together, knead a bit then divide into 4 for pizza bases and cook in a dry frying pan for about 1 minute each side ( sometimes a bit less, so watch it carefully)
I freeze a couple sometimes for quick lunches and just put the topping on fresh.

I spread some tomato puree on it

Topped it with some tomato slices and some cheese.  I didn't weigh the cheese but it was about 20g of strong cheese

 Then grilled it until it achieved the colour I like it to be and the tomato had softened

I costed it out as follows:
Flatbread base (8p for 4) 2p
Puree squidge (a reduced tube which cost me 20p) 1p
Tomato (69p for 6) 11.5p
20g strong cheese (350g for £2) 11.5p
TOTAL 26p each
They can be eaten cold too so are great for lunchboxes.  Obviously the topping can be changed depending on what you have in the house.  You can 'man up' the meal by adding salad and jacket potatoes,  my DH needs lots of carbs (so he says!)
Frugal Shopping Day
Today I fancied a walk round town. There is still quite a lot of month left so I wanted to see if I could spend only the change in my purse yet still buy a few things I needed as well as have a browse around all the many charity shops in town.  I had an emergency tenner but tucked it away out of temptation.
Wow, the market was on! Lots to tempt me but I didn't give in.  I did spot this gi-normous cauli though.  Firm and fresh and British! It cost me £1.20 and I think I'll use it to make cauliflower in cheese sauce a la Frugal Queen within the next couple of days.  
I had to pop into Boots for some shower gel as I have used the very last drop this morning.  Dove was not only half price but I was able to use a 20% off coupon making it £1.03 and loyalty points too!  I'm saving those up towards Christmas gifts....  I picked up a free Boots magazine and look what was in it when I got home....Yes, I am running out of shampoo too.... if anyone wants to pick one up I suggest you check your own Boots asap.

I had also got a £2 Debenhams voucher with no minimum spend required and I found a lovely toiletries gift set for £5 so it cost me just £3. It will make a great stocking filler.
I'll tell you tomorrow what I bought from the charity shop.  My tenner is intact in my purse, by the way ;-)
I got home around 1.30pm wondering if DH had a) eaten lunch and b) cleared up afterwards
Answers: a) yes, poached eggs on toast and b) you guessed it
He Had NOT!
He'd gone out chatting....

Thanks for popping in x


  1. Nothing wrong with your pizzas, I might have a go at the bases, I am going into Boots tommorow so I will grab a magazine, I have had loads of freebies this year, I have enough shampoo sachets, moisturiser, body lotions etc to last a while, it all adds up to saving the pennies.

  2. Doesn't it just, HH, I love freebies. I think you might find the pizza bases useful and at 8p a batch using value flour, great value to help stretch the food budget.