Sunday, 5 September 2021

September Already?

 September already and the beginning of Autumn.  How did that happen? This year, the same as last, has flown by in a flurry of inactivity!  The only exercise I have been getting is at the allotment (thank God we have it) and it has provided us with a fair selection of veg as well as apples and raspberries.  I haven't bought any potatoes for a couple of months now either....

There are still runner beans aplenty, 5 potato plants still to unearth, and we are trying to grow sprouts.  They look a bit feeble at the moment but time will tell.  Our leeks were a disaster.  They grew to an impressive size then showed signs of distress as white mould set in and they had to be pulled up and destroyed, so not even any use for the compost heap 😭  We have picked a fair number of apples; both cooking and dessert varieties but a high proportion of both have been nibbled and spoilt on the trees.  Ah well, we can say we have shared with nature.

September also sees the children back at school ( I can hear the collective sighs of relief from all the mums out there!) Our Granddaughter turned 17 a few days ago ( how did THAT happen too?) and all through the Summer holiday she has been applying for jobs without success.  It's not easy now either, with video interviews, online applications etc but she has really tried her best with absolutely no luck whatsoever.  She is going back to 6th form in the hope that things will improve in a year or two.  Our Grandson turned 14 at the end of July and is growing so fast.  He's now taller than me! and is a lovely caring lad.  He doesn't really like school after all the disruption of the last year as he is dyslexic and finds home schooling difficult.  Fingers crossed there will be some semblance of normality this Autumn term.

A BIG thank you to everyone who left kind and sympathetic comments on my last post for my Brother and his wife, V.  They were quite poorly for a while with headaches, runny noses, coughs and tightness in the chest but are both now out of isolation and have been told that they are considered immune to the virus now for at least 90 days. I'm still wearing a mask in certain settings and just getting on with things.  I don't subscribe to the conspiracy theories either.  Covid is what it is and the pointing of fingers of blame and conspiracy to control just don't cut the mustard.

Anyway, it's a beautifully sunny Sunday and I must do the ironing before it gets too hot to do it.

Enjoy your day wherever you happen to be in the world. Stay safe x


  1. Glad to hear your brother and wife are on the mend and out of isolation. It must have been such a worry for the family.
    We have had a lovely sunny day here with part of our family and it looks like we are due for a couple more sunny days this week :)

  2. I am glad your extended family members are out of isolation and doing better.

    God bless.

  3. Those are beautiful vegetables. That's good news about your brother and his wife.

  4. I'm glad to hear that your family are on the mend. This darn virus is such a worry but we can only do as we each feel fit. Those veggies look so fresh and tasty.

  5. What a super crop of veg, I have really missed growing veg this year because of moving house.. but there's always next year. Hope your brother and SIL are well into recovery now.. we can't be too careful!

  6. Looks so healthy, even with the dirt! 😊


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