Saturday, 24 October 2020

A Breath of Fresh Air

Firstly, a warm welcome to Lorie,  isn't it typical that as soon as I get a new follower I run out of things to say! It's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted, but life seems to be at a standstill at the moment.  There's nowhere to go to safely and we can't visit the family, so life is more than boring right now.  I feel that I'm fast approaching becoming a recluse. G still goes to work every Saturday & Sunday but I don't see a soul (other than G) from one end of the week to the other. There's not a great deal to be done at the allotment either.  We still have Calabrese to pick and a bit of Chard, although that is beginning to go over now that we are getting such cold nights and mornings.  Our seeds for next year, as well as some raspberry canes and a blackberry bush, are on order through the allotment society. Beds have been cleared, manure put around the rhubarb, black polythene (re-purposed from last year) put down to suppress weeds over the Winter, and the Canna cut down, dug up and placed in the mini greenhouse to over-winter. 

We had a few crop failures but we will try to learn by our mistakes for next time.  We put in 8 cauliflower plantlets but only managed to get 4 decent heads, I think we had put them in too close together and the air couldn't circulate properly with the result that 4 of them were either stressed and overblown or damp and slug infested (yuk!)

On Wednesday last, I felt like I was climbing the walls so, despite the rain, we drove the short distance to Ashwood Nurseries for a look at the plants.  The rain was persistent but fine and gentle so we happily wandered around outside.  I had my umbrella and my winter coat on and the fresh air and sweet smelling rain helped me to relax.  We succumbed to a warming bowl of leek and potato soup with a roll and butter too.  It was delicious.

On Thursday, the rain had ceased so we took the opportunity to visit Himley Park after lunch for a brisk woodland walk.  The trees looked stunning.  The leaves are turning beautiful shades of red and gold and on a fallen tree trunk I found these little fellas lifting their heads to the gentle sunshine....

Today is Saturday and, with G at work again, I have knuckled down to housework and washing 😩
I know I will feel better with a clean house and fresh bedlinen 😀 and having blog- hopped a bit too.
I'm getting hungry now and I feel the need for cheese on toast. With my IBS problems, I have drastically cut down on cheese and dairy and it does seem to have helped somewhat.  I can tolerate a small amount and today's the day! 

What are you doing this weekend?

Stay safe everyone, wherever in the world you happen to be x


  1. Our grandson is on a sleepover tonight, we are still on the basic level for covid, so making the most of freedom whilst we can.

    1. Oh how lovely 😍 enjoy having him to stay, he'll be very happy 😊

  2. I get out every day to walk the fog across the local countryside so I font feel as restricted. We are tier 2 so can meet outside still which is a blessing.

    1. Having a dog certainly spurs you on to get out, Tania, perhaps we need to adopt one!

    2. Tania, you made me laugh when you got your dog & fog mixed up!!! Thank you!
      - Rosemary x

  3. To get four cauliflowers out of eight plants is pretty good going, they are one of the hardest vegetables to grow successfully, I have had a lot of real hit and miss years in the past.

    Just a change of scenery, some fresh air and a meal out is enough to make us feel so good at the moment isn't it.

    Take care. xx

    1. Yes, Sue, an hour or two in the fresh air is so welcome right now. Simple pleasures...😊

  4. The days do seem to flow into each other don't they?

    Just finishing a project or two and cleaning the house here.

    God bless.


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