Sunday, 1 September 2019

Village Fair & Know Your Onions

Today was the first village fair we have had in the whole 10 years we have lived here.  I have always wanted to join in with something like this, a kind of Midsomer murders without the bloodshed!  There were stalls galore, raffles, food, dog show and, of course, the produce show.  We turned up at their door almost at the crack of dawn (well, 8am on Sunday is almost the crack of dawn, isn't it?) so that we could put in our entries before G went off to work.  We paid the grand sum of £1.80 for a total of 9 entries;  2 for me, 3 each for the GC and 1 for G.
It's also lovely GD's 15th birthday today (how did that happen so quickly?) so we went to a pub for lunch then back to the fair for the rest of the afternoon.

G entered some of his allotment onions and won first prize in the 3 onions category! He was over the moon to say the least :)

GD won first prize for a colourful drawing of a Minion too which quite made her day.
Unfortunately, nothing for GS or for me for my card entries....

We had a really lovely day, warm and breezy, then came back to ours for a cobbled- together tea of cheese and home grown onion on toast followed by a slice of cake.  Now....I really need to get my act together and lose a bit of this weight which has crept up on me. My jeans are getting a tad close fitting (or perhaps they have shrunk in the wash?  No....?  Ok....

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about empty shelves in the supermarkets.  It seems I am not alone.  Lets see what happens when we go shopping tomorrow....

Stay safe everyone wherever you happen to be x


  1. Haven't noticed any empty shelves around here but Colin always used to say I don't notice whats going on in supermarkets as I'm just looking for what I need - so will look properly next time

  2. I know what you mean, because I think my jeans have shrunk in the wash as well. Our village has just started village fairs, we had the 2nd one this summer, they are fun.

  3. Well done to the winners and commiserations to you and GS. I haven't been to a village fair for years. I see them advertised but never remember to put them on the calendar and so they pass by unvisited.

  4. Wow, it's no wonder he won first prize for his onions, they're fabulous. Your cards are lovely, sorry they didn't win a prize.


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