Friday, 3 August 2018

Mammoths, Wasps and Village Life

Gosh, such a lot has happened since my last post.  The visit to West Midland Safari Park last Sunday was lovely.  It rained on and off but didn't spoil the day.  It was GS's birthday and the activity of choice for a birthday treat.  There was so much to see that we didn't manage it all so will be grateful for the free return ticket later on in the school holiday.  We were just going into the new Ice Age area when DD discovered a wasp down the top of her ankle boot which stung her several times before I could get it off her.  This necessitated a trip to the First Aid booth and a dressing of TCP applied.  Everyone for miles around could smell us coming she survived.  Anyway, we all trooped back to the Ice Age for an encounter with Mammoths and wild creatures of all descriptions complete with sound effects....

Their Dinosaur area was pretty impressive too but I haven't posted photos because many other bloggers have covered it.  I loved the Bat Cave too (but not the smell !).  As it was raining again after our picnic lunch, we drove around the safari park for a second time when it was much quieter and we could take our time driving through.  GC thought it was ace.

A couple of weeks ago I broke a tiny bit of tooth off whilst eating my morning cereal and the roughness has irritated my tongue ever since so I brought forward my usual check up appointment, thinking that the dentist would smooth it off for me.  Did he heck.  He took one look and when I was lying prone with his gloved fingers in my mouth declared that he would just ( and I quote) "pop a bit of anaesthetic in, quickly whizz out the two fillings and refill them"  Aaarrrgh!  It was a good job I couldn't speak.  Anyway, job done within minutes and a bill of £59.10 to pay.  Great.....  :/

Changing the subject yet again, we attended a meeting at the village pub on Monday where we discovered two ongoing problems.  The first is the potential closure of the village Post Office which would be devastating to village life.  We have many of the older generation here who don't have transport, computers or smartphones and who rely on the PO for all their financial transactions like pensions and paying of bills.  We are looking to set up a co-operative to buy the shop and PO and carry on the business.  Pledges are being made even as I write.

The second, and pressing, problem is the potential quarry development on farm land close to the village.  It would be so harmful to wildlife and crops, as well as the health of the villagers.  At least 3 schools would be in the vicinity of toxic dust and heavy lorries clogging the roads.  We need to do something fast.

Has anyone else tackled anything like this?  Can the 'big guys' actually be stopped from getting their way?  I do hope so....

Anyway, must dash, it's cooler today so I need to get cooking for once :)

Take care and stay safe x


  1. Their are lots of sites that will push your petition, this then gets spread around facebook, emailed to their followers, such as Greenpeace, rspb et al. Worth a look.

    1. Thank you so much, Jill, I'll take a look. We need all the help we can get x

  2. Its worth checking what wildlife is in the vicinity as some has a protected status and would certainly slow things down in the short term.

  3. Thank you MM, I'm hoping we can find bats or rare newts or something to hold up the process.

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