Monday, 6 August 2018

How Long Does a Bottle of Wine Last?

When it was cooler last week G decided to tackle the shed at long last.  He hauled everything out from off the floor, added a new shelf and tidied it all up.  So much stuff! There were containers holding just a drop of this or a bit of that so we used up what we could and gave some away, recycling the containers.  Equipment used in his old gardening business which he no longer needed was given away too.  He came across these tucked into a corner in a gift bag....

They are dated 2009!!  I remember a friend of FiL begged some of our rhubarb from the last house and he made it into wine.  We were meant to keep it for 6 months before opening it but we moved here in March 2010, popped them in the shed and completely forgot about them  What a waste.  How long can you keep a bottle of homemade wine for?  Any records out there? :)

In the early hours of Saturday morning G was throwing up (and, no, he hasn't sampled the wine!)  Somehow he picked up a bug which has laid him flat and off his food for 3 days.  Not much sleep was had by either of us that night....

Today the weather is roasting again but it seems that cooler weather is on it's way, thank goodness.  I will be so glad to get through the day without feeling sticky and uncomfortable.  How are you all coping?

I mustn't forget to welcome a new follower: Margaret, I think...hello!

Anyway, thanks so much for popping in, take care xx


  1. I haven't the faintest idea about the wine but I'm sure someone will be able to help you.

    I hope G is recovered from his stomach bug.

  2. Sniff it, if smells like vinegar pour it down drain. This heat is too much for me. Hope G is feeling better.

  3. For many years I've been unable to function in hot weather, but I've actually enjoyed it this year. I can only put that down to the weight loss. No doubt I will really feel the cold this Winter.
    Hope G feels much better soon.

  4. I agree with Marlene, but I would not be able to resist a taste test!

  5. Rub a bit on your lips... If you don't get a nasty reaction then put a drop or two on your tongue... If it tastes ok I would drink it... but then I have the stomach of a billy goat and will eat most stuff… hic, burp, giggle. :-)

  6. Not sure but worth having a little taste.

  7. It might have turned into vinegar or mellowed into whiskey!
    Cautious tasting maybe?

  8. Shop wine is ok but home made you have to be careful , I was ill some years ago after drinking some old home made wine i had give me xxx


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