Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Toothy Tale Continues....And Craft Fayre Woes

Poor OH is still suffering after having his tooth extracted.  The socket is still wide open after more than 8 weeks and he is so fed up.  Last week he visited his own dentist, the one who had referred him to the larger practice in the first place, who has now decided that something more needs to be done, referring him to the local hospital, this time to extract the impacted wisdom tooth next to the original extraction.  Apparently the wisdom tooth could be stopping the healing process.  Now, as OH had originally asked whether this tooth needed to come out and they had said no,  he is NOT best pleased.  Heaven knows how long he will have to wait for an appointment so he is still swooshing the socket after meals and cursing roundly as he does so.  The poor chap has lost half a stone in weight (no snacking!) and will become a shadow of his former self  if they don't hurry up and sort it.

It was the craft & local produce fayre this morning and I set up the stall full of enthusiasm...

Hardly anyone came through the door :(  As the £5 charged for the tables goes to local causes,  I agreed to try one more time in July (sucker, aren't I?) I've got a handful of advertising leaflets to distribute around the village so I hope next month will be better (yes, I know....I'm an optimist!)
The good bit of news is that I bought a large home baked iced lemon cake for just £2 from another stall holder so we can have a treat for tea.  If I had taken more money there would have been lots of other things there to tempt me to part with it, handmade jewellery, scarves, hand painted tea light holders, hand decorated canvas shopping bags.......the list goes on.

Have a great weekend folks x


  1. Ouch poor hubby. Let's hope he doesn't have to wait too long for a hospital appointment.

    Sorry to hear that the craft fayre wasn't brilliant. You might find doing one nearer to Christmas a bit better-x-

  2. Your poor husband, that must be awful, I was in pain for a week when I had one taken out and that was bad enough.
    Sorry the craft fair didn't go well, I can't understand it as you items are very reasonable xx

  3. Your poor hubby! It is really dragging on for him. I can't imagine the pain he must be in. Get some protein shakes in him before he disappears completely.
    Your craft stall looks lovely. What a shame the footfall was so low. Like Sheila says, a Christmas one could be a good idea but in the meanwhile I hope next month is better. X

  4. I'm so shocked that your hubby is still suffering 8 weeks post extraction. No wonder he has lost weight, poor guy. There is nothing worse than dry socket pain. I really feel bad for him. I hope he get an appointment soon at the hospital.
    Sorry your craft fair didn't go well. Been there, done that. Just keep positive for the next one. Good luck!

  5. Such a shame to hear about your hubby, hope he is not left for too much longer in pain. Sorry too to hear about the lack of footfall at your craft fair, hopefully some added advertising might help.


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