Sunday, 15 January 2017

Free Food!

Yesterday we needed milk and a TV guide so I popped to Sainsburys where I decided to use some Nectar points instead of cash.  I bought milk, yogurt, cooked meat (for OH's sandwiches), rice, bread, tea bags, tinned fruit, Quorn, and a reduced beef in black bean sauce for OH, butter (for baking) cereal, a nice bottle of red wine and even a plain black T shirt for me costing £4. The total spend was £26.89 so I used £25 worth of points leaving just £1.89 to pay.  All I need to buy now for next week is some fresh fruit and veg.  I'll check Aldi on Monday for their Super 6.  This means that I can save most of the food budget for next week.

Total cash spent so far in January £59.89

Free food feels so good! :)

Thanks so much for popping in x


  1. That is brilliant , free does feel so good, we don't go to Sainsburys that often but I think we still have some cash left on the nectar cards, I must check that.
    Have a lovely evening x

  2. Now that is an impressive haul for free. Sadly we do not have a Sainsburys locally but I do save any points that I can in stores that offer them. I love the sound of free.

  3. I save my points and air miles for holidays. The grocery points when cashed out, the same amount of cash gets put in the holiday spending money envelope. This year our we changed travel agents, so were unable to use the miles. So, I've been cashing them in at certain grocery stores. So far, $510 in the spending fund.

    It all adds up.

  4. A T-shirt for £4 is a real bargain. Jx