Thursday, 13 October 2016

It Comes in Threes...

Bad news, it is said, generally comes in threes.  I have found that good news sometimes does too.
I am happy to say that:

1)  I have sold 3 items on eBay and there will be £30 cash after deducting all the fees and postage costs.  It will go in the Christmas pot for gifts.

2)  Last night I had a surprise text asking me if I would like a table at the local drama group Christmas production in the village hall.  They are putting on a play and want to make the evening as Christmassy as possible so I can have a sales table for free, just a donation to the drama group.  That will be wonderful.  I am more than happy to donate a percentage of cash taken for my card sales and I can perhaps make some calendars and decorations to sell too. 

3)  Perhaps best of all....GD stayed for after school club this week for the first time :D  She still gets the collywobbles first thing in a morning but she must feel a bit happier to ask to stay for club.  To say that I am over the moon is a gross understatement....

Anyway, I will be googling ideas of things to make.  What sells well at the moment I wonder?

We had a lovely day at the NEC in Birmingham on Tuesday.  We had cheap tickets and took bananas to munch and some cartons of drinks, had free tea and biscuits from one of the exhibitors, then treated ourselves to a shared portion of freshly cooked cod and chips around 4pm.  OH bought an awning for the caravan as we will need a bit more space to put wet shoes and coats in when we are away for a month early next year but it was a considered purchase and a good show price which we have saved the cash for.  We were totally whacked at the end of the day but it was amazing to see all the new motorhomes and caravan models just coming out. BIG money though... :/

Today has been a NSD and I intend to aim for many more in the approach to Christmas.  My list has been made....well, a list of names at any rate....a tentative budget has been set, now to put my thinking cap on for inspired gifts.  I will be blog hopping for ideas!!

Thanks everso for popping in.  Have a wonderful evening x


  1. I always did well with Christmas bibs when I did the craft fairs, they are popular with Grandparents and parents.

  2. I would love to see pics of what you decide to make. I am tentatively getting into card making at the mo so would love to see some of yours. I'm so glad your GD is settling down.

    1. I'll do a post, Wendy, when I have made a few things to sell. Enjoy your card making it really becomes addictive!

  3. Well done on your ebay sales every little helps we sell regularly on ebay. Would love to see what you make. x