Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Makeshift Library and Fund-raising Total

Just a quick update today as the weather is so sunny and garden worthy :)
On Saturday we raised an amazing  £323.48
Earlier today I went to our little on site library of donated books to see what I could find to read next.   It's a basic shed type storage place which gets a bit damp in the Winter so now is the time to get a book before they spoil.  I hate reading dog-eared books :/   Someone has taken the time to sort them all out and file them into rough alphabetical order....

There are hundreds of books in there. I just wish we had a damp free place to store them all.....

I couldn't find any Jenny Colgan in there and I'm saving my new (purchased) book to take on our next holiday but I found a Katie Fforde that I haven't read yet....

That one came home with me and I'll begin reading it tonight :)
Now...time to think about what to cook for tea......
Have a lovely evening everyone.  Thanks everso for popping in x


  1. Well done that was a good amount, well done to everyone . Enjoy your reading (by the way my blog is back on Simple Living xx

    1. Thank you, Marlene. I've bookmarked your blog again . Well done for sticking to your guns xx