Monday, 23 May 2016

Back to the Real World (almost) And Junk Mail

The last eight weeks have been incredibly stressful with my dear Father-in-Law in hospital for more than 5 weeks before he passed away on Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May.  We were unable to arrange the funeral until last Wednesday, the 18th May, and have been working our little socks off emptying his rented flat in the allotted time.  It seemed so sad having to clear his home even before the funeral but we had absolutely no choice.  As OH was an only child it fell to the two of us to do everything required and when you are in mourning too it is doubly hard.  DD helped us on two days with the cupboard clearing but it was back breaking work even then.

We were determined to get as much stuff as possible re-used or recycled so the bulk of his furniture went to the British Heart Foundation and the stuff they wouldn't take (no fire label or too shabby etc) went to a local chap who recycles, upcycles or refurbishes such unwanted stuff. The carpets had to be removed too (oh my gawd) so we cut them up as best we could and they went in a skip ....more landfill :(


During the time V was in hospital we were collecting his mail and paying his bills and the amount of junk mail he was receiving was both eye opening and heart stopping.  We know he had responded to some, the evidence was clear and he had become a target. It was horrendous. I have discovered a way to register that he is no longer with us via the DPS Deceased Preference Service and have done just that.  It was easy on the website  Lets hope it helps the new residents of the flat by putting a stop on the avalanche.

All that remains to do now is await the final bills and pay them.....


My next post will be a bit more upbeat, I hope.  Thanks for letting me get it all off my chest.....

Thanks for popping in x

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your father in law, it is a tough time for all xxx