Saturday, 9 January 2016

Stash Busting & Doing More Good

Happy Saturday, my friends!  2016 is well and truly upon us and, although I don't make new year resolutions as such, this is my year of  'Doing More Good'.  I woke this morning refreshed and raring to go which is quite a novelty of late.  I had slept fairly soundly too...hooray!

Today is OH's birthday and he is 66 (he's just caught me up but he's working.... boo! so the day has been all mine and will be right up to 6.30pm....hooray!.  I've got him his favourite meal for tonight, beef in black bean sauce ( though not for me, of course) and so I began a guilt-free sort out after a quick breakfast of cereal and yogurt.  A bag of tatty clothing has been recycled, so has a great pile of old magazines and newspapers.

The next major task will be stash busting. This 6 drawer stack sits in the corner of the lounge and is full to bursting with crafting goodies.....

My knitting and my sewing basket is in another corner....

And I haven't mentioned yet the stuff in the wardrobe in the spare room....  :/

I therefore intend to resist even reading emails with special offers of craft related stuff, absolutely NOT watching any craft channels on TV and NO WAY will I be browsing any craft shops in the near future!
My spare time will be spent utilising what I have in making lots of stuff to be given to charity. The local hospice shop will be getting cards and knitted items as well as any other kind of handmade item I can think of .  Over Christmas I made the little hats shown below and found out how to make the little knitted bows from the internet.  I'm not sure what to do with them yet. I could make them into brooches or just sew them onto some project or other.  Any other ideas will be most welcome.....

The time here is 3.38pm and it's really dark and still drizzling, of course.  On Thursday the main road was quite badly flooded and very tricky to negotiate but my heart goes out to the people all over the UK whose homes and businesses have been flooded.  When will this rain cease?

I'd like to leave you with a smile.  Here is Santa's Little Helper getting ready for work on the last weekend before Christmas.  He is usually so 'Bah Humbug'  :o)

Thanks for popping in x


  1. Hi Angie I have a similar set of drawers in the spare room, I don't have much craft stuff now, I got rid of lots when we moved, I regret it now though, but we couldn't take everthing.
    What a delightful little elf xx

  2. Thanks, Marlene, he looks sweeter than he actually is! :0)