Tuesday, 26 January 2016

On Sugar, Bargain Specs & Wonky Veg

Did anyone see the programme The Truth About Sugar?  I was stunned by the amount of sugar in our food especially cereal and pre-prepared food.  Our consumption should, it seems, be no more than 6 teaspoons a day (a teaspoon being 4g) I imagine that most of us exceed that amount easily, especially if we take sugar in tea and coffee.  I don't take sugar in coffee but take one spoonful in a mug of tea.  Crikey, it makes me more determined than ever to prepare food from scratch this year....

Since buying my new glasses recently, I have discovered that I could do with a new pair of sunglasses too because the new prescription is so different to my old one and the sunspecs I have are so old that they are several prescriptions behind IYSWIM.  I suddenly remembered that I could get a second pair of prescription specs at half price if I bought them within 3 months of the first ones.  Ooh, I got these for the sum of £45 minus a £10 gift voucher which I had for my birthday in November so now £35 !!

They are large enough to protect my eyes whilst driving and have thicker sides to stop the low sun at this time of year from creeping through.  By the way, please try to ignore the double chin in the photo :/  I look more like my mother with every passing day !

After using up my last two pensioner onions on Sunday I needed to buy a fresh supply to put in some soup later this week.  In Morrisons I came across something cutely labelled Wonky Onions.  A whole kg was priced at just 60p while a 500g pack of 'normal' onions was priced at 50p.  It was a 'no brainer' as they say, Wonky Onions it is.....

They were grown in the UK and look fine to me, perhaps a bit on the small side but who cares? The pack says they are beautiful on the inside (a bit like me perhaps?....tongue in cheek comment, of course!)  I must look out for more Wonky Veg. Has anyone come across such a thing in other supermercados? Do tell!

Anyway, thanks for popping in and have a super day wherever you are x


  1. We watched the sugar programme, it was something we already knew, hence we have stopped eating process foods, where sugar and salt is always hidden. We still probably eat more sugar then we should but at least where sugar is included it's there because we choose to have it.

    1. Hi Angie there is a programme on tonight, about celebs giving up sugar x

  2. Hi there I've been following your blog with great enjoyment. I've recently taken early retirement with my husband resulting in a complete overhaul of finances as we now have less than half coming in compared to what we did have. I've managed to slash my car insurance from £535 with direct line who are not on the comparison sites ( I wonder why) to £145 with Saga unbelievable. No more magazines from October so approx £50 saved so far. I've been selling on eBay since August and made over £1000 just in stuff I had in the house clothes and books etc. Good luck with your selling its good fun. Wendy

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Wendy. What a great saving on your car insurance, I'm investigating mine too now so I'll look at Saga's website.