Monday, 25 January 2016

Budget Eating & Leftovers

In the interests of economy I am going to be using up oddments to make meals and therefore squeeze the food budget until it squeaks.  Yesterday lunchtime, with OH at work, I had a cupboard rummage and found these: about 170g mature cheese, two onions, a tiny bit of pasta and about a third of a bottle of red wine....

The onions came out of this before 24th October 2015 :/ 

But they were perfectly ok when sliced up......

So I immediately thought of this recipe from Jack Monroe's very first book.....

 I just softened the onions in a little olive oil, added a drop (about half a small glass) of the red wine and cooked it until the wine was absorbed.  Cooked pasta was stirred in and served with some grated cheese.  Yummy!

I only wanted a small portion so the bit leftover has been put into a plastic box and will be eaten cold with salad another day....

The remaining cheese has been grated and will be used to make cheese and potato pie for our dinner tonight.....

Dinner last night was roasties, this YS'd pack of veg from the freezer, some sprouts and two delicious sausages for OH from the local butcher.  The sausages were £1.70 for 8 so 21p each.  I was happy with just veg, I won't starve in a day :)
2 sausages 42p
Potatoes    14p
YS'd veg   29p
Sprouts     36p
Gravy        05p  (guess)
 TOTAL £1.26 for 2 people

Economy here we come!
PS we drank the last drop of wine too, carefully shared ;)
Have a lovely day, whatever you have planned x


  1. Well done, I am going to be more like this, it gives us more money for days out and holidays which we enjoy, so we need to get even more thrifty x

  2. I have been shopping solely "the Ilona way" since the start of this year. I am still using my first weeks food budget and the fridge and freezers are full. I will only need milk and food for Ben this week as I still have greens in the garden.

  3. That pasta dish sounds delicious!

  4. Well you know the old saying ... waste not, want not! Well done, you!
    Margaret P

  5. The pasta dish sounds lovely.
    I enjoy mean queen's, and have for quite awhile now.