Thursday, 10 December 2015

Reverse Advent & Do More Good!

I never make new year resolutions as a rule because I know I will be doomed to failure.  As soon as I put pressure on myself to lose weight or something I fail at the first fence.  I do, however, have a new mantra for 2016 which will be

Do More Good!
I am again taking part in the Reverse Advent challenge.  I enjoyed taking part last December and intended blogging about it this year but another blogger mentioned that she thought it 'show offy' so it put me off.  Now I find she is putting up photos of her items anyway.  Oh bug*er, I should have gone ahead and been 'show offy'.  Anyway, 6 items so far have been dispatched to the CS and I have given extra to the local food bank. Another bag of items will go to the CS today.

To 'Do More Good' I needed to find a recipient for my handmade goods and I have found a lovely lady at the local Hospice CS who is delighted to accept my baby knitting.  One of her volunteers gathers all the new hand knits and sells them at craft stalls throughout the year as they can get more money for them that way.  I took in a bag of baby tops and hats and she was very pleased with them.  More will be knitted for them once I finish my new winter cardigan...I have lots of small balls in my stash which I need to sort out... and I have a quantity of my handmade cards to donate today too.

Is anyone else doing the Reverse Advent?

Changing the subject completely, I can hear the rain lashing down so I expect there to be some flooding on the local roads again :/  I have to go out to take dear FiL shopping but that's nothing compared to what some people are facing  My heart aches for the people in Cumbria who have lost all their possessions yet again in the terrible floods. The TV footage shows the sheer devastation caused by the water breaching the flood defences. It makes me feel so helpless for them....

Stay safe everyone x

PS I'll make the draw for the notebook giveaway first thing tomorrow so if you're interested, get your comment in quickly :)


  1. Given the current horrors and difficulties in the world, it's the little things that make a big difference. Your baby clothes will be really appreciated. Jx

  2. They are lovely..lots of little things can make a huge difference to lots of sure they will be snapped up..

    1. It will be lovely if they do make even a small difference, Sara, thank you x

  3. DH and I took our honeymoon in England in 2000. We visited a lot of towns, but I discovered your charity stores. LOVED them. I actually bought three tiny baby sweaters for our future children at one of them. My son and daughter worn them as babies and I've saved them for my future grandchildren. They are so lovely. I had always wondered why brand new baby sweaters were there. Now I know.

    1. What a lovely thing to do! I really hope mine will be well used and loved too :)

  4. PS. I don't find it show offey at all to document your reverse advent - I think it's wonderful and inspiring. Kelly