Thursday, 15 January 2015

A Power Failure and a Bargain Purchase

Last night turned very wet and windy indeed and we were just winding down before sleep when we were plunged into darkness...a power cut.  Oh crikey, it was pitch black inside and out.  Poor OH had to get dressed and go out in the pouring rain to check how much of the locality was in darkness in case it was just us.  The power cut was widespread so all we could do was to search out torches and candles (thank you, Marlene, for the lovely tealight in a holder you sent in the gift swap!) and await the return of power.  I rang the electricity supply company and they already knew there was a problem and were dealing with it.  Nothing else to be done.  The difficulty was in trying to remember what had been switched on before the cut...TV, router, table lamps etc   We went to bed by torchlight and it was quite cosy reading as best we could for a while.  This morning I was amazed to receive a courtesy call from the supply company apologising for the power cut and asking if everything was now ok, wow!, that was the first time in all our married life that someone had called us back after a cut.  Hats off to Western Power Distribution!

On our trip into town yesterday I saw this lovely coat.  I had had my eye on it for a while but at £90 it was out of the question....

Yesterday I was amazed to see it on the reduced rail at £27  :)

I had just returned a faulty item to another shop and got my £10 back so it would only effectively cost me £17.  Now I know I am de-cluttering but it was, as they say, a no-brainer....I now have a new Spring coat :)

Thanks everso for popping in.  I think I might have a new follower whom I have missed greeting.  If so please forgive me and make yourself known, my lovely x


  1. Hi Angie , thanks for the mention, the weather here last night was awful I was expecting the electric to go of, but we were lucky. Fantastic bargain on the coat, Debenhams , very good quality. I have made a start on delcluttering the bedroom, will try and finish it tommorow if I don't get distracted.

  2. That's a serious reduction and it's a gorgeous coat. We have a Debenhams locally that does some great bargains if you hit lucky. I am your latest follower! Jx

    1. Hi Jan, I did notice you and said hello in my last post so I think I might be having a 'senior moment'! Take no notice of